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Speaking about  Batam will never end when it comes to its tourism. Various attractions are dotting this biggest city of Kepulauan Riau Province. Although Batam is famous for its trading and industrial zones, Batam is also popular as the gate to tourism in Indonesia.

Its strategic location makes Batam an escapade for those coming from Indonesia, Singapore that only takes 40 minutes by ferry and 90 minutes by ferry from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. People have been flocking Batam to experience this city of the shopping spree, water adventure, tasting fresh seafood, golf courses, or relaxing in beautiful spas and resorts and of course its gorgeous beaches. 

One of the many popular beaches in Batam is Nongsa Beach. Nongsa Beach is situated in the northeast of Batam and can be reached from Hang Nadim International Airport in 10 to 15 minutes. Nongsa is part of Sambau Village, in the area of Nongsa Hamlet, Nongsa District, thus the beach is called Nongsa. The name came from a powerful ruler who led the area during the 18th century, named Nong Isa. He developed the Nongsa region and became the first village in Batam. 

Nongsa Beach Batam

nongsa beach batam
Photo by Sam Wheeler on Unsplash

Nongsa Beach is characterized by its small waves and overlay of white sand, like your dreamy tropical island. From Nongsa Beach, you can also see the high-rise buildings of Singapore that are separated by the strait and looked gorgeous during the night. Nongsa Beach is also famous for its clear and blue water, making it the perfect escape from the bustling city of Batam, or the neighboring countries.

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In Nongsa Beach, you will find various international-class resorts and hotels lining the beach. Opposite from the well-developed Nongsa Beach, the Nongsa village still preserves the ambiance of its authentic culture.

nongsa beach batam indonesia
Image by CollectingPixels from Pixabay

There are many various activities you can do at Nongsa Beach with your friends, family, or your loved one as this beach is suitable for everyone. Due to its small waves, you can swim in Nongsa Beach, but it is always recommended to always check the weather and the limit of the swimming area. There are also several watersports such as jet ski for those who are looking for more challenging activities. Also, don’t forget to try the fresh seafood along the coast after swimming or enjoy dinner after watching the sunset!

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Another interesting activity you can do in Nongsa Beach is visiting Pulau Putri (Putri Island). Pulau Putri is a small offshore island just across the Nongsa Beach. You can reach Pulau Putri by riding “pompon”, a traditional boat made of wood and powered by diesel from Nongsa. To ride “pompon” you need to go in a group of at least 5 persons per trip for the trip fare will be higher if there are fewer passengers.  Putri Island is another attraction where the place offers unspoiled natural beauty, and cleaner compared to Nongsa. Bring your own lunch, snacks or beverages for the food stalls that might only be opened during the weekend. 

How to Get to Nongsa Beach

Getting to Nongsa Beach is just as easy as it can be. Its strategic location can be easily reached by various transportation. By air, if you land on Hang Nadim International Airport, you can always rent a car to take you to Nongsa Beach. If you come from Singapore, you can use a ferry to go to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal that only takes 30 to 40 minutes.  

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Where to Stay in Nongsa Beach

Escaping the bustling city to Nongsa Beach will boost your mood to face another Monday. To make your vacation more convenient, there are plenty of resorts and hotels, you can book here and grab your best deals! Several high-end resorts for more convenient and luxurious stay are Montigo Resort Nongsa or Nongsa Point Marina  Resort. There will be a shuttle bus to pick up guests from the ferry terminal to their resorts. 

nongsa beach stay
Photo by Tommy Krombacher on Unsplash

Nearby Attractions

There are several attractions nearby if you have satisfied your beach-side craving at Nongsa Beach such as Mega Mall Batam Center, Palm Spring Golf and Tiigo Beach Club. At Mega Mall Batam Center, you can get a massage at affordable prices as well as stocking up your daily supplies at cheaper prices! Palm Spring Golf and Country Club are perfect for those looking to spend quality time with stunning views and exercise for a bit.

While Tiigo Beach Club at Montigo Resort offers a luxurious vacation with pool bar, long barbeque feast, or lofty cabana with sand park under your feet. So, what’s the wait? Pick your date and get your perfect weekend escapade via Tripcetera!

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