Berastagi Sumatera

Sumatra Island is part of Indonesia, located on the western part as one of the major islands in Indonesia. Sumatra is also one of the largest islands in the world at 473.481 kilometers square and is not included Riau Islands and Belitung Islands. On the west of Sumatra is the vast Indian Ocean and on the southeast is Java that is only separated by Sunda Strait. If you ever get tired of the crowded beaches in Bali, Sumatra can certainly be your alternative to spend your vacation in Indonesia. 

As one of the biggest islands in the world, Sumatra has so much to offer. The large island of Sumatra is comprised of various landscapes from the famous Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake on Earth, to the panoramic view of highlands of Berastagi. Berastagi is a town situated in Karo highlands, very popular as a town with lush green fields, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Berastagi is located in the main road connecting Medan with Karo Highland and Lake Toba, usually being the escapade for locals from the bustling city of Medan such as Bandung to Jakarta. 

Its location on the highlands has created a stunning view of agricultural scenery with Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung as the background. In Berastagi you can feel the natural fresh air atmosphere that can refresh your mood to last another week! You’ll see that this town might resemble Bedugul and that there are many things to do in Berastagi.

Things To Do in Berastagi Sumatera 

1. Sibayak Mountain

gunung sibayak
Credit Image : @retnowahjuningsih on Istagram

When you visit Berastagi, the major feature of this town is the shadowing Sibayak Mountain. This volcano is one the most accessible in Indonesia with only 2094 height. In Sibayak Mountain, you can trek through the jungle with the help of the guides. It will take around 5 hours to climb the mountain and to return and is best to set out as early as possible.

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2. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

sipiso piso waterfall
Photo by Leo Sagala on Unsplash

Berastagi has an epic 120 meters high waterfall called Sipiso-Piso. Located 35 kilometers of Berastagi and settled on the edge of the famous Lake Toba. The waters fall into a small river that ends into Lake Toba. Get yourself ready to see the magnificent view of the waterfall and over the lake, or you can enjoy the view from the lower side. 

3. Museum Pusaka Karo

museum pusaka karo
Credit Image : @irasantikaa06_ on Instagram

Once you reach Berastagi, don’t forget to learn one or two things about the splendid Karo traditions. Engage in the local traditions by visiting Museum Pasaka Karo which is situated in a local Catholic Church. In this museum, you can learn all about the utensils used by traditional people such as cooking utensils, clothes, baskets, bowls, and many more. If you’re interested in photography, you’ll be amazed by the interesting pictures taken from the 20th century! 

4. Dokan Traditional Village

desa dokan karo
Credit Image : @ceb0l on s Instagram

After visiting Museum Pusaka Karo, try to engage more with the locals by visiting the traditional Dokan Village, situated 16 kilometers south of Kabanjahe. In this area, numerous traditional houses of Karo can be found and are actually occupied. This village used to be a place where the people live in Karo longhouses. Nowadays, with the help of the guides, you can peek inside the way of living of Karo people inside this house. The house is dotted with symbols, for example, look for buffalo heads on the roof, gecko motives, and flat board sticking out. The house is inhabited by several families and each family has its section. 

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5. Lau Kawar Lake

lau kawar lake
Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash

Lau Kawar offers the splendid beauty of a natural lake at the foot of Mount Sinabung. Located 30 kilometers from Berastagi, the lake can be reached approximately an hour by renting a car. Spend the night at Lau Kawar Lake by camping on the left side of the lake and enjoy the view of lush green fields surrounding you or the local people fishing with small boats. However, always take precaution when visiting, for this place located on the foot of Mount Sinabung, an active volcano till this day. Update your information regarding the activities of this mountain at all time.  

6. Gundaling Hill

bukit gundaling
Photo by Jesman fabio on Unsplash

Don’t forget to stop at Gundaling Hill. Gundaling Hill is a name for a small hill where you can go to picnic and enjoy the view of distant mountains and gardens. The most popular for the locals would be from the northern monument. To reach the summit you may need to walk around an hour. 

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