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Batam, a city that resides at the border of Indonesia and Singapore, has been a magnet from the neighboring countries. One city, though, has made its way up to one of the top destinations in Batam, Nagoya. In the past Nagoya was called Lubuk Baja. However, due to the large amount of Japanese settle in Lubuk Baja, the district is now known as Nagoya, “Japanese City” in Batam. Nagoya is currently a fast-growing district in Batam, and along with it, urban living style has become the daily life of people in Nagoya. To make your trip to Batam, especially to Nagoya becomes more memorable, Tripcetera has enlisted the best things you can do in Nagoya. 

Best Things to Do in Nagoya Batam

1. Go Crazy at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

nagoya hill shopping mall
Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

You just can’t miss the opportunity to go shopping in the biggest and most complete shopping center in Batam, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Covering almost 9 hectares of area, you will find literally whatever you need with affordable prices. This huge shopping establishment sells clothes, bags, appliances, electronics, and much more. 

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2. Amaze at The Vihara Budhi Bakti or Tua Pek Kong Temple

vihara budhi bakti
Photo b y ELSIE ZHONG on Unsplash

Those who look for a moment of silence amidst the bustling city of Batam should definitely visits Vihara Budhi Bakti. Vihara Budhi Bakti is the oldest Buddhism temple in Batam and is heavily influenced by Chinese architecture. Situated on Jalan Pembangunan Blok VI, the vihara is easily accessible with any accommodation or your rented car in batam. Several Gods statues occupies a small park and a pagoda is built in front of the temple, making a solitude atmosphere in this temple. 

3. Rejuvenate Your Body at Spa & Massage Houses

If there is one thing Batam is popular for aside its shopping centers, it is the ultimate treatments of spa and massage houses. Tons of spa and wellness places are available in Batam, each with its distinctive treatments that can be custom according to your need. Try Martha Tilaar Salon and Day Spa for facial condition with authentic products of Indonesia. Or if you bring your family, certainly don’t miss treatment at NEST Family Reflexology and Spa and bring happiness to your family. 

batam spa
Image by blueland from Pixabay

4. Warm Yourself with Comfort Food, Yong Kee Istimewa Seafood 

When you go to Batam, there’s one culinary legend you can’t miss, Yong Kee. Yong Kee is Batam seafood restaurant located in Nagoya City Center, near the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Nothing can relief a long day of shopping or touring the city like the iconic fish soups of Yong Kee. The freshness of the ingredients combined with old family recipe has made this restaurant popular in Batam. 

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Yong Kee Istimewa Seafood
Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay

5. Visit Pura Agung Amerta Bhuana Batam

As the gateway to Indonesia, Batam has many kinds of attraction including a Hindu temple named Pura Agung Amerta Bhuana. This temple is surrounded by stunning natural view of lake and hills. For photographers, don’t miss out the chance to snap some spectacular pictures at Pura Agung Amerta Bhuana including 2 dazzling lakes bordering the temple. 

6. Fashion Up at Ajella Korea Factory Outlet

Ajella Korea Factory Outlet
Photo b y Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

Those who are fans of Korean culture and Korean fashion style can’t miss visiting Ajella Korea Factory Outlet. This factory outlet sells clothes, jacket, jeans, coat and many more directly from Korea. Not to worry about the prices, because you will get high quality material with affordable prices and certainly lots of choices to match your K-Pop Idols.

7. Explore with Family at Nagoya Citywalk

Bringing family and kids during the weekend will be more fun at Nagoya Citywalk. The indoor and outdoor concept of this mall has won many families in Batam and popular place to visit in Nagoya. Inside this citywalk, visitors will be able to still enjoy nature in the middle of the city. For kids, various entertainments are available in the area as well as various food stalls, restaurant, and café that tempts your taste buds. 

8. Buy Souvenirs at Penuin Wet Market

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

After a long day exploring Batam, don’t forget to bring souvenirs to your loved ones back home. One perfect place to buy souvenirs in Nagoya is Penuin Wet Market. Aside from its luxurious shopping establishments, Batam wet market offers something more authentic of Indonesia. Bring home clothes, snacks, trinkets, hand crafts, and many more with relatively cheaper prices. Don’t hesitate to show your skill of bargaining to get the best prices!

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How to Get to Nagoya, Batam

Getting to Nagoya is as easy as it can be as this is a tourist-friendly district. If you opt airplane, land on Hang Nadim Airport (BTH). Or if you come from neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia, you can always take ferry to Batam Center International Ferry Terminal, this is the most popular and crowded ferry terminal in Batam. Or Sekupang International Ferry Terminal and it takes about 30 minutes from Sekupang.

It is recommended that you rent a car from the ferry terminal to Nagoya due to lack of public transportation. What’s the wait now? Hurry up! Grab your passport and pack your staff, get your plane tickets or ferry and hotels accommodations here and obtain the best deals!

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