Bugis Street – Singapore might be compact in size. Compared to the neighboring countries like Malaysia or Indonesia, this country is tiny when you look at it on the map. However, this small nation tucked in between has more to offer. Singapore is also famous for its cutting-edge technology applied in every corner of the country. Sleek design and modern touch can be seen from the architecture and the urban planning of the city.

Bugis Street Singapore

In addition to the advanced technology of Singapore, it is also the melting pot of Asia, where culture and tradition of Asia blend together, creating a unique feature that only exists in Singapore. These kinds of customs and traditions enrich the country with its past and present, plus the leading in technology making it one of the most desired destinations in Singapore. 

Bugis Street Singapore
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In Singapore, people would have a long list of attractions and destinations, endless choice of food and concoction that would blow your taste buds, and certainly irresistible shopping destinations. One of the most popular destinations for shopping is in Bugis. Bugis Street is a prominent area known for a lively ambiance. You can easily find Bugis street due to this street location, which is situated near Bugis MRT Station. The history of Bugis Street dated back decades ago, during the 1950s until the 1980s, Bugis Street is bustling with lively nightlife, full of nightclubs and become the unofficial destination of nightlife for tourists around the world.

However, after a massive makeover, Bugis Street has turned into a very charming area. The whole area has become modern with a contemporary look and colorful ambiance. Currently Bugis Street is bustling with adorable shops, fine dining, cafes, bars, as well as restaurants endlessly lining the street. Bugis Street consists of more than 600 shops, fashionistas, collectors, locals, fellow travelers can be found in Bugis Street.  

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bugis street singapore
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Many stores offer clothing line of the latest fashion with good quality. There are a lot of other things aside from clothing, you can find electronics, accessories, souvenirs, cosmetics, houseware, stationery, books, knick-knacks and much more. Not to be worried about the price on Bugis Street because Bugis Street is popular for its affordable prices for every piece. Plus, you can always bargain with the seller in certain shops, making it popular among budget travelers. 

Bugis Street Malls

Bugis Junction
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If you’re looking for a cooler place to hang out, you can always go to the 2 new malls in Bugis Street, Bugis+ and Bugis Junction. This place is certainly more comfortable but also more expensive compared to the authentic Bugis Street Market. Bugis+ is a new establishment with scraping 10 floors of fashion shops as well as food chains. Bugis+ is also connected to Bugis Junction, therefore you can access Bugis Junction right away from Bugis+. Bugis Junction itself is located right above Bugis MRT. Bugis Junction offers sky lit shopping in Singapore and also offers global chain stores as well as souvenirs. 

After a long day of exploring and buying things for your loved ones at home, don’t miss out on the chance to taste the local delicacies in Bugis Street. Aside from its tremendous choice of clothing, souvenirs, and knick-knacks, you can find endless selections of food from Chinese, Thai, western, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and many more. Range of foods including noodle, chicken pops, satays, crapes, cake, juice, Thai tea, and other refreshments. Head to the juice bar to refresh and recharge your mood with selections of fresh fruits like banana, melon, coconut, all with only approximately S$2. Take a stroll at the Albert Centre market and food center where you can find hawker center with undoubtedly affordable prices for around S$3 for food.

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Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple

Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho
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Near Bugis Street, you can also find a Buddhist Temple called Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho. This temple was built in 1884 with Chinese architecture. This is one of the most visited temples in the city and during Chinese New Year, you can witness people lining to pray in this temple which open whole night during this time of the year. 

Can’t wait to explore Singapore once more? Bugis Street is open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM. Head to Tripcetera and reserve your ticket right away. If you’re coming from Batam, you can also reserve your ferry ticket and get your discount right away!

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