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Batamfast VIP Room and Business Class – Situated conveniently close across each other, Batam and Singapore seem inseparable to each other. All year, tourists from Singapore flock to Batam and vice versa.

These two countries have been having mutual relationships due to their close proximity. Batam is located in Riau Archipelago, a small archipelago on the western side of Indonesia and Singapore is sitting in the north part of it only 20 to 30 kilometers away.

Although Singapore and Batam are very close, each country has its own distinctive feature, characteristic and uniqueness that make traveling to these places would be unforgettable. Aside from its differences, Batam and Singapore possess similarities that benefit travelers from around the world especially those who love shopping! With a duty-free policy, you can get lots of fine goodies from Singapore with cheaper prices in Batam! And when you’re looking for a futuristic city with advanced technology, just cross the strait for an hour!

batamfast vip room
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There are accommodations to get you from/to Singapore to Batam, and due to their close locations, the ferry is one of the favorite transportations. Sailing from one country to another doesn’t take much time as it’s only about 40 to 70 minutes of sailing. And what’s a better ferry operator than Batamfast? Batamfast was established since 1985 and its long experiences have made Batamfast Asia’s Favorite Fast Ferry Operator.

Currently, Batamfast operates trips from the following: Singapore – Harbourfront Centre, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal; Batam – Batam Center, Sekupang and Nongsapura Ferry Terminal; Johor – Desaru Coast and Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal.

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Batamfast VIP Room and Business Class

batamfast bussiness class
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Batamfast’s ferries are equipped with the latest navigation technology, air-conditioned room and certainly the luxury VIP Room and business class that gives you top-notch sailing experience. Instead of taking the economic seating, treat yourself to the premium VIP cabins of Batamfast.

VIP service of Batamfast is a must-try for those who value privacy and a treat for those in romantic trips. Each room is designed for approximately 9 to 10 people with comfortable sofas, snacks, drinks, stations to charge your gadgets and exclusivity.

When traveling with your companions, the VIP Room is also the perfect accommodation because you will have more private and quality time with your friends and families. 

If you shall desire another vessel that gives you a different experience, try the business class section of the vessel Ocean Raider. In business class, you get a very spacious room, leather sofas and electrical outlet on each table.

You also get a welcome drink once you enter the business cabin. Each seating is designed with a U-shape booth with a table in the center, very comfortable to have a nice chat and hanging out with your friends or families.

Or if you prefer a smaller space and individual seats, you can book the business class of  Asianfast 1. Not to worry about the fares of VIP cabins and business class because with Batamfast, you get reasonable prices with luxury sailing experience.

Not only you get privacy, refreshments, and undoubtedly more quality time, but you will also get priority boarding with VIP Room and Business Class tickets. 

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Price Range for Batamfast Business Class Vessel and VIP Rooms

Taken from “Batamfast VIP Rooms and Business Class”

Here we have some detailed price range for business class vessel and VIP Rooms. With Ocean Raider Vessel, you get Business Class + VIP Room for S$750.00 per way and you get all the prime service for up to 50 pax. Business-class is only S$350.00 per way with Asianfast 1 Vessel for up to 17 pax, while VIP Rooms are available on all vessels for S$180.00 per way.

If you wish to board in business class or VIP Room, you need to contact the Batamfast Operator directly to get the offers and availability of business class and VIP Rooms of their vessels. For VIP-Room, you need to book it at least 3 days before departure and 7 days for business class.

Payment also needs to be paid 2 business days before departure and cancellation is subjected 50% from the quoted price. Just email your questions or requests at [email protected] and [email protected] for reservation of VIP Room or business class and they will take care of everything for you.

Advise on the date that you intend to book for a two-way trip to make your trip more convenient! You may also call them for more detailed information on +65 6270 2228. 

Now what’s the wait? Pick up your phone or email Batamfast right away to secure your seat! Enjoy a trip to the wonderful Batam with our ultimate guide or Singapore with so many things to do on the list!

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