Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Batam undoubtedly has a lot to offer. Many kinds of travelers have been flocking back and forth to this bordering city of Indonesia. Situated in Riau Archipelago, Batam has an excellent location, with only 20 kilometers away from Singapore and can be easily reached by ferry. With its primary spot, Batam has always been a major destination in Indonesia as well as the gateway to other magical destinations in Indonesia.

Due to its location, Batam has grown to be one of the best-desired cities in Indonesia. It offers a wide selection of activities for families, couples, friends, or even solo travel. In Batam, those who love beaches can go to Nongsa Beach or those who are into history can visit palaces in that area too. Batam is also known for is its endless choice of treatments of spa and wellness and don’t forget the endless shopping centers scattered around the island. 

Nagoya Hill Batam

Batam is heaven for shoppers. There are grand malls and shopping centers that offer tons of varieties of goodies. Plus, duty-free, shopping experience in Batam can be more exciting. One shopping center that remains prominent among the others is the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is the largest shopping center in Batam situated on Jalan Teuku Umar, Lubuk Baja Kota, popularly known as Nagoya district. 

nagoya hill shopping mall
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Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall isn’t your ordinary shopping mall. In fact, this shopping center has become a major destination in Batam for many reasons. Nagoya Hill sells tons of retail goods at affordable prices. It also offers the City Walk concept where imported and local goods can be found easily or the concept of one-stop shopping. The varieties of the goods are ranging from clothing, sports equipment, household supplies, electronics, bags, and much more. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall has a bunch of goods that aren’t available in many districts in Indonesia due to its proximity to Singapore. Therefore, shopping at Nagoya Hill will surely feel like shopping in Singapore with cheaper fares.

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nagoya hill shopping center
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While you’re wandering around in the seemingly endless retail shops or window shopping, you will also be spoiled with the grandeur architecture of Nagoya Hill. Spacious aisles with shops on either side and high roofs will make your shopping experience more indulging. You don’t need to worry about bumping into a lot of other visitors. 

When you’re hungry, try to taste one of the establishments in Nagoya Hill Food Street. It is no wonder that there isn’t only one food court in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. With more than 8 acres, Nagoya Hill has 2 locations of food courts. All kinds of flavors are available in Nagoya Hill, from the ubiquitous chain restaurant like fried chicken and pizza, authentic flavorful Indonesian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and the ever-fresh seafood of Batam. The design and concept of the Nagoya Hill Street Food can’t be underestimated as well. With a modern touch, the usually crowded street food looks cozy and comfy, making your dinner as convenient as possible. 

nagoya hill
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Traveling to Nagoya Hill with your groups can be as fun. Enjoy varieties of entertainment in Nagoya Hill like karaoke, cinema or fun world. There are options of karaoke lounges in Nagoya Hill and for those who bring kids, Timezone can be your perfect choice while here. If you’re looking for chic cafes to chill and hang out with your buddies, there are plenty of them with a free internet connection to keep your socials updated. 

The fun doesn’t end there. After a long day of a shopping spree, window shopping and tasting savory meals in Nagoya Hill, you just can’t miss a treatment to refresh your body. Spa and massages houses are scattered around in Nagoya, each with its unique and specialized treatments that suits your need. 

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spa in batam
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Hotels Near Nagoya

As one of the most visited districts in Batam, Nagoya has the best arrangement of hotels. Either for business travel or leisure, hotels near Nagoya have all kinds of arrangements to make your journey as comfortable as it can be. From the unique Planet Holiday to the luxury Grands I Hotel, that’s totally up to your needs! More hotel in batam here

How to Get to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Getting to Nagoya is as easy as it can be. Its location has made it very accessible from anywhere. If you’re coming by ferry like Batamfast, you should opt Harbour Bay as it will only take 30 to 40 minutes. By plane, it will take 30 to 40 minutes. Rent a car to take you around this charming district with Tripcetera and get yourself the best deals!

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