How To Set Up & Manage Your Tripcetera Business Listing

Tripcetera Travel Market Place
Tripcetera Your Travel Market Place

If you want to know how to set up and manage a Tripcetera listing for your travel related business, then you are in the right place!. The idea behind Tripcetera is that anyone can start a new business listing of travel related services to be purchased by travelers worldwide. 

Whether a seasoned tourism related operator or a privately owned tour and travel company, it is important that you (as a business operator, owner and stakeholder) are aware of managing whether your business has been listed and sorted properly.

You can list multiple types of accommodation, transportation and various forms of electronic vouchers and travel related services in the Etcetera section. 

You can grow your travel related business and destination by listing them in Tripcetera because:

  1. Registering your business and listing your services is always FREE!
  2. It is a FREE marketing and promotion tool for you to build relationships and spread your selling points with a wider audience.
  3. It is a FREE and secure platform with multi-layered security and self-service redemption system on any of your listed services.
  4. Transparency in transactions for your business is helpful for the traveler’s decision-making process, and;
  5. It boosts branding of your product and services – which is a great way to collect information for ongoing improvements to business management.

Then, how to make Tripcetera work for your Tourism Business?

Below is a step by step process to of claiming, optimising and promoting your listing on Tripcetera.

1. Join as a host in and login to your account

In order to manage an account, you will need to set up one first. If you haven’t already, simply click the ‘Join as a Host’ link and follow the forms to create an account.

Tripcetera Host Registration
Tripcetera Host Registration

By signing up as a host partner, you agree to Tripcetera’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Payment Terms and Fees, Refund Policy, and other terms and conditions published in this website.

Once you’ve got your business account confirmed, go to the login page and complete the necessary documents (minimum of 2 types of valid and officially recognized identification, email address and an active mobile-phone number with Short-Message-System (SMS) feature).

IMPORTANT TIP. Check your email for account verification and One-Time-Password (OTP) confirmation. You do not need to pay anyone to create a Tripcetera account or update your listing – you can do this easily yourself!

Once your business and identification documents are validated, you may login to your host account, then navigate to ‘my listing’ and fill in the description, adjust availability, and update the form one by one (as per the below screenshot).

2. Follow thru the steps on creating a listing

Tripcetera allows you to make multiple types of services, manage rates, listing availability, adjust the payment mode of each listing and address responses to any review from the guest.

Be advised that you can not delete reviews, so positive reply such as thanking them for any feedback, identifying steps towards resolution for any issues and etcetera may effect the perceived quality from the guest as well as managing the branding image of your listed services.

Traveler can buy ferry ticket, bus ticket, train ticket, etc., using our ticketing platform. You can publish multiple type of car rental with driver and other terms and condition provided in details.

IMPORTANT TIP. If you are concerned about negative reviews on your listed services, do have faith that travelers as well as other parties will look holistically at your reply and review to form an opinion on your services. 

3. Check the appearance of your published services

Every listed service in Tripcetera is subject to admin review. After you finish the creation process of your listing, you may ‘request publish’ to notify our admin. It may take about one working day to complete the verification. Be advised that you have legal authorship of every uploaded quality photos or publication materials such as room interior facilities and etcetera.

Tripcetera Transportation Page
Tripcetera Transportation Page

Your host account can be used to upload multiple type of vehicles and facilities across the accommodation, transportation and etcetera packages. Be advised that each type of listing are subject to each own commission and charges.

Once published, see if you can find your listing thru a regular search on your desktop browser, smartphone/tablet. Put yourself as the audience or a potential guest. Will you actually book such listing? If the service listing is displayed accordingly, that’s a job well done and hope for the best. If not, then you will need to go back into your host account and make the necessary adjustments.

What are you waiting for? Time to get your listing sorted!

Hopefully, this article provides a good starting point in updating and managing your business listing on Tripcetera. Our team is here to support your hosting success. Log in now and start listing your travel related services today. 

Feel free to contact us and drop your inquiries to : [email protected]