Batam keeps fascinating stories for those who know where to look. The seeming region sitting on the outer part of Indonesia never ceases to excite many kinds of travelers around the world. Batam is a city in the eastern part of Indonesia and is part of Riau Archipelago or Kepulauan Riau were hundreds of small islands scattered around the major island of Indonesia, Sumatra.

Unlike many regions on the outer rings, Batam has managed to establish its name as one of the most economically advanced regions in the country. It has a lot of different entertainments, whether looking for some natural destinations or urban entertainment, you can find all of them in Batam.

grand batam
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Nowadays people have been flocking back and forth to Batam for various reasons. As a business district, Batam possesses undeniable attractions for those looking for some opportunities across the city. Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) has become one of Batam’s trademark. Along with business districts, many supporting structures have been established throughout the entire city. Hotel convention centers now can be easily found, as well as entertainment with shopping centers. 

grand batam mall
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Shopping centers have become part of the daily life of people in Batam. Due to its strategic location, people in Batam are able to enjoy a lot of goodies from neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia at a cheaper price. With Singapore only across a narrow strait, it is easy to retrieve various goodies with cheaper prices. With additional duty-free policy, shopping in Batam will make people happily spend their fortune and get a lot of stuff. Recently, the government has built another exciting shopping center, Grand Batam Mall. 

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Grand Batam Mall

Grand Batam Mall is a newly opened shopping center in Penuin, Lubukbaja and is claimed to be the most luxurious and modern mall in Batam. Grand Batam Mall covers an area of approximately 80.000 square meters. The parking area is able to park more than 1000 cars and 2000 motorcycles with 40.000 square meters.

Grand Batam Mall hosts hundreds of premium brands with an affordable range of prices. The mall comes with 5 floors of endless excitement, complete with a supermarket. Clothing brands, furniture, electronics, cosmetics, and services are available in the mall. For foodies, there are around 20% of food tenants in the newly opened shopping center. 30 new brands that have never reached Batam have also made its first appearance in Batam such as Marugame Udon, Ichiban, Mocca Cabana and many more. 

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Those movie-goers will also certainly be pampered in the new concept of the famous CGV Cinema with satin sweet, making your movie experience more enjoyable. Bringing kids to Grand Batam Mall will be so much fun with the game center. And after a long day of a shopping spree, pamper yourself in the salon with the premium treatments to rejuvenate your mind and body. Facilities in Grand Batam Mall are also top-notch, with wheelchair rental, baby stroller rental, 2 mushola (prayer room) on the first and second floor being all available.

Facilities in Grand Batam Mall
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In order to celebrate Chinese New Year, Grand Batam has also prepared to celebrate Imlek that will be held on January 25th this year. Upon entering the lobby, visitors will be welcomed with bright red Chinese ornaments. Lampions, orchids, and angpao are for sale at cheap prices. Not only the lobby, but the main atrium of Grand Batam Mall is also decorated with a unique pagoda rooftop. Don’t forget to snap some pictures in the photobooth with Chinese New Year ornaments. Recently opened in April 2019, Grand Batam Mall’s presence is expected to support economic growth and tourism in the area with its modern and luxury design in the strategic location. 

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Operating Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM

How to Get to Grand Batam

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Grand Batam Mall is situated in a strategic location, making it easy to go to. You can take public transportation like the bus and stop at the nearest station such as Halte Marina Park which located about 270 meters away then continue by walking for 5 minutes. The bus lines that stop near Grand Batam Mall is KOR 3. Or to make your shopping more convenient, you can rent a car right here and now to get yourself the best deals to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Where to Stay Near Grand Batam Mall

There are a bunch of hotels near Grand Batam Mall and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

  1. I Hotel Baloi
  2. The BCC Hotel and Residence
  3. Vanilla Hotel Batam
  4. Biz Hotel Batam
  5. Lovina Inn Penuin
  6. Swiss—Inn Batam
  7. Da Vienna Boutique Hotel
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