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Mega Mall Batam – Being part of the Indonesian outer island doesn’t make Batam a remote area. This city is the largest of Kepulauan Riau (Riau Archipelago) Province part and is far-fetched from remote and instead, Batam has managed to climb into the top destinations in Indonesia. More surprisingly, Batam is also one of the most advanced places in Indonesia with ever-growing economic centers. Nowadays, people come to Batam to hold a meeting in the business district, convention, exhibition and to have quality time with their loved ones. Batam consists of many islands. Batam, Rempang, and Galang are among the major islands, as well as several small islands scattered around.

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Such a feature has created unique experiences in Batam. People may have a strict time following the meeting or convention schedule, but they also get to experience a vacation atmosphere on the same island. Adding to its unique feature is the close proximity to the neighboring country of Singapore. Only 20 kilometers away from Singapore, Batam can be reached by ferry for about an hour boat ride. There are several operating ferry terminals in Batam that connect Batam, Singapore, and Malaysia. Therefore, it is no surprise that the ambiance of Batam is somewhat similar to Singapore in some ways. Including in terms of shopping heaven.

Batam has been known by shoppers as the shopping heaven. Malls, shopping centers can be found easily in Batam and each offers a different experience. They offer tons of various goodies and you can literally find anything you need in Batam. Another feature that making shopping in Batam memorable is the duty-free policy, means that you can almost find any goods from Singapore in Batam with cheaper prices. When you visit Batam, you just can’t miss the chance of shopping in Mega Mall Batam. 

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Mega Mall Shopping Center

Mega Mall is a premium shopping center in Batam City located in the Central Business District of Batam Centre. This mall is integrated with Grand Mosque, mayor’s and parliament office, residential complex including the enchanting Ocarina Theme Park. If you’re coming from Singapore by ferry, Mega Mall is also conveniently connected by a bridge to Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal where approximately 300.000 tourists, businessman and businesswomen have been flocking back and forth to Batam from Singapore. Therefore, it offers a convenient time for you to shop while you wait for your next ferry departure or arrival. The bridge will connect you from the 2nd floor of the mall to the ferry terminal. Tourists from Singapore are also able to check-in and check-out on the 2nd floor of Mega Mall. 

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Mega Mall Batam has everything you want in a shopping center. This 5 floors shopping center has Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, Singaporean favorite A&W, Starbucks, various restaurants and café, and game arcade, Timezone. You can also find Cinema XXI in Mega Mall with selected popular movies to give you a memorable movie experience. When you visit Mega Mall during weekends, events are also being held on the ground floor that made the mall more exciting to visit. 

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In Mega Mall Batam, you will easily find clothing stores by the locals which is great because you will contribute to the locals as well as promoting the local brands. The clothing is praised for its good quality and affordable prices. After a seemingly exploring endless window shopping, treat yourself with various delicacies of Indonesian cuisines like bakso (meatball), fried chicken with sambal and so on. Or you can always go with your all-time favorites such as pizza, KFC, or hanging out in coffee shops and patisseries. You can also find a food court on the 5th floor with a sea view that will make our shopping experience more enjoyable. End your shopping spree with incredible treatments at the spa, massage or reflexology available in Mega Mall. 

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mega mall shopping center
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Where to Stay Near Mega Mall Batam

There are literally a bunch of hotels near Mega Mall as this is a strategic location and in the Centre Business District. Here we have the best hotels with great deals where you can stay near Mega Mall!

  1. HARRIS Hotel Batam Center
  2. Harmoni One Convention Hotel and Service Apartments
  3. Sahid Batam Center Hotel & Convention
  4. Bliz Hotel Batam Centre
  5. Airy Batam Centre

Nearby Attractions 

As an integrated district, there are also nearby attractions where you can spend your time before or after shopping.

  1. Alun-Alun Batam Centre
  2. Welcome to Batam Monument
  3. Ocarina Park
  4. Batam Grand Mosque
  5. Xoleil Spa Village

What are you waiting for? Grab the seat of your next ferry schedule and start your travel journey in Batam right here!

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