Mount Bromo

Lies on the eastern part of Java Island in Indonesia, Mount Bromo sits still surrounded by the natural beauty of volcanoes. Measured among the tallest mountains in Indonesia, Mount Bromo reaches more than 2,000 meters scraping the sky of East Java.

Mount Bromo is part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National park, a conservation area of 800 square kilometers to protect its epic beauty. Visitors from all around the world have been visiting Mount Bromo for its scenic sunrise. Upon the Mount Penanjakan of 27,770 meters above the sea level, locals, as well as foreigners, admire the eerie landscape of sunrise over Mount Bromo.

Things to Do in Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo
Photo by Thomas Lardeau on Unsplash

While standing on top of Mount Penanjakan, your eyes will also be spoiled by the smoking Mount Semeru. As you enjoy the golden rising of the sun, absorb the mythical atmosphere lurking on top of the mountain. The native people of Bromo, Tengger tribe who still holds dear of their culture and tradition believes that this site was a place where the brave prince gave his life for his family. Until this day, Tengger people whose majority believes in Hindu Gods, offering vegetables, chickens, and money to the crater on the annual Yadnya Kasada. To top it off, there is a Hindu temple on top of the mountain called The Poten.

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1. Mount Penanjakan

Mount Penanjakan is the main viewpoint on Mount Bromo. This spot has the best viewpoint to watch the sunrise. As the sun slowly creeps out of the range of surrounding mountains, it creates an epic painting-like scenery. In order to get to Mount Penanjakan, you can ride a jeep available on the area of Mount Bromo.

Mount Penanjakan
Mount Penanjakan by Thomas Ciszewski on Unsplash

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The jeep will park in the parking area and then you will continue your trip by hiking the mountain. It takes about an hour (more or less) to get on the Mount Penanjakan viewpoint and the sun rises around 5 to 5:30. Therefore, to get the best sunrise view you need to get to Mont Penanjakan by 5 A.M.

2. The Sea of Sand (Whispering Sand)

The Sea of Sand (Whispering Sand)
The Sea of Sand (Whispering Sand) by Laurent Gence on Unsplash

Surrounding Mount Bromo is the famous Sea of Sands stretching endlessly. Mount Bromo’s location is actually located at the vast plain and due to its difficult location, you can ride a jeep or a horse and make it an adventure of your lifetime. The Sea of Sands is a protected nature reserve and the locals used to call it The Whispering Sands. The locals used to hear the sound of the sands when walking through the Sea of Sand.

3. Yadnya Kasada Ritual

The Tenggerese people mostly believe in Hindu God. Every year they hold a traditional ceremony of offering to the volcanic Gods called Yadnya Kasada Ritual. This culture can be traced back to Hindu Majapahit era, a powerful kingdom in Java. When the empire fell, those who don’t want to convert ran to Mount Bromo to avoid persecution and became the Tengger tribe now. The ritual is being held during the 14th day of the Kasada Month in traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Locals are risking their lives to climb down the crater to retrieve the offering, that is believed to bring good luck.

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Yadnya Kasada Ritual
Yadnya Kasada Ritual by Hebert Kostan on Unsplash

4. Visiting Ngadas Village

Ngadas Village lies on the slope of Mount Bromo and is believed to be the highest village in Java. Due to its high altitude, the temperature on this village ranging from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Inaugurated as the Traditional Cultural Village, this place is equipped with homestays managed by locals. They welcome you in their homes as part of your journey. Enjoy the peaceful village with harmonious families and neighbors. The kitchen or in the Javanese language called pawon is the heart of the house and will welcome the guest by lighting fire while spending time with the family.

Getting to Mount Bromo

Reaching Mount Bromo is relatively easy, as one of the most famous destinations, there are many accommodations providing tours to Mount Bromo. First of all, you can book a flight to Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. There are several direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, and Jakarta. After that, continue your travel by driving or renting a car to go through Surabaya-Pasuruan-Wonokitri and ended with Mount Bromo for about 3 hours drive. There is also an alternative route to reach Mount Bromo by riding a shuttle bus to Probolinggo.

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