Traveling can be an escapade after long endless days in the office. Imagine the excitement of swimming on the pristine beach, diving with schools of fishes, hiking to watch the sunrise or just strolling around in a new city you have never been to. It sounds so much fun until you are faced with traffic jams, delays, and crowded tourist destinations. Fret not! These travel tips from Tripcetera can save you from a disastrous vacation.

1. Travel Sites and Apps Do Help

Tripcetera provides traveling necessities in one site. Starting from booking of flight tickets, renting  a car even booking ferry tickets. Various tour packages are also available all around the world with the best rates. Downloading travel apps can save you during your holiday. Stay up to date with your flight status on GateGuru while GasBuddy allows you to find the cheapest gas prices abroad, and many more.

Travel Sites
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2. Avoid Peak Season

This might be the classiest advice you can get regarding holidays. Avoiding the peak season can be so convenient. Starting from cut-rate tickets prices, much less crowded destinations, and certainly more enjoyable holidays. Especially if you’re bringing your children, a less crowded destination makes it easier to watch your kids.

3. Be Prepared When Traveling with Children

Always be prepared for the worst when traveling with kids. Keeping plastic bags is a must in case they get sick during the flight or a long ride in a car or train. Also, don’t forget to bring games or books to keep them busy or to have them avoid getting bored. Travel-oriented-games can be fun bonding between parents and children, and good passing time activity. Splitting the work can also make the job much easier.  

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Be Prepared When Traveling with Children
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4. Do Research about Your Destination

Knowing your destinations can be very handy on your vacation. Do some research about its location, the best route, how to get there, and the customs in your destinations like dress codes and stuff. Some places do require a certain dress code in order to enter the place. Keep an open mind if there are some customs that might be totally different from yours.

5. Pack Lightly and Weigh Your Luggage

Packing lightly can save you a ton especially if you travel abroad. Aside from being charged from excess baggage, you will also save some spaces for souvenirs and foods from your vacation. It also helps you to find your stuff more easily and stay organized.

Pack Lightly and Weigh Your Luggage
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6. Beware of free Wi-Fi

You might be joyful to find free Wi-Fi in public spaces. However, these free facilities are prone to hacking and are unsafe for your security. Especially if you’re going to input your password or security numbers, there is a chance that a certain network is a trick to lure people to log into a banking account.

7. Be On Time

Traveling solo might be as free as you can imagine. However, keeping a schedule is important to avoid any unnecessary small incidents that might lead to a foul mood. Leaving early needs to be in your consideration especially if you’re traveling with an airplane. Measure the time to reach the airport, the usual traffic jam, and checking your bags especially on peak season, you might expect a long line.

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Be On Time
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8. Always Bring a Water Bottle

Bringing a water bottle is essential to keep you hydrated aside from damaging environment with a plastic bottle. It also saves you some cash if you travel to destinations where there is limited safe drinking water. Choose a compact water bottle and often they can be attached outside your backpack.

9. Make Your Packing List

Having a packing list helps you to organize your many stuffs and giving you peace of mind! Especially to check your important documents and electronic devices, this list will reduce the risk of leaving it behind in hotel in another country! Now there are much printable travel list you can find on the internet.

Packing List
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10. Consider Holiday Packages

If you really have to travel during the holiday season, tour packages can sometimes more convenient and can be cheaper. Best deals offering such as on Tripcetera is the best you can find out there. Providing tour packages with many attractions for many destinations all around the world in one site couldn’t be more convenient.

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