Misool Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in the western part of Papua is the real definition of heaven on Earth. Raja Ampat is a small archipelago consist of more than 1000 islands and islets with 4 major islands, Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool Island. Located in one of the most remote regions of Indonesia, Raja Ampat offers authentic beauty of the endless pristine shoreline, turquoise seawater, and lush green forests. After Waigeo Island, Misool is the second-largest island of Raja Ampat Regency which is worth your visit to this paradise. 

Misool Island - Raja Ampat
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Exploring Misool Island Raja Ampat

Getting to Misool offers might be quite difficult for those who aren’t used to the geography of Papua or northern Raja Ampat. First, you need to take a flight to Sorong, which is available from several cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Makassar, or Surabaya. From Sorong, take a ferry from Sorong to reach Misool. Schedules of the departing ferry might change often due to weather. Although Misool is considered one of the biggest four islands and major islands in Raja Ampat, getting to Misool can take up to 9 hours if you’re using a slow boat. However, there is a favorite alternative which is an express ferry that only takes 4 to 4.5 hours. The boat ride to Misool itself will leave a lasting experience for its notable heavenly view lush green islets as well as the underwater beauty. 

Misool Island Underwater
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Located on the bird’s head part of West Papua, Misool offers a top-notch view of natural beauty where the waters become the traffic lane for large creatures including whales and octopuses. The view of mesmerizing underwater life could be seen from the surface for the water is crystal clear with the touch of turquoise color. Once you land in Misool Island, you will be greeted by a heavily forested area and mangrove swamps. Take a look around and you will also see hills made of limestone naturally carved by the ocean sea adorned with green carpet grass. 

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misool island raja ampat
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The beaches of Misool is a tropical paradise with smooth white sand and coconut trees swaying on the shoreline. The beauty isn’t only located on the surface. Underwater, the rich marine life occupies the water surrounding Misool Island along with the large sea creatures. Misool is a world-renown island for colorful corals which inhabited by reef fish, mantas can also be seen well as ghost pipefish, seahorses, harlequin shrimps, and many more. Therefore, the best way to enjoy the beauty of marine life is snorkeling or diving. Another treat you can get in Misool Island that you can’t get in any place is the jellyfish lake where you can swim with them. 

raja ampat
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The fun doesn’t seem to end in Misool Island. Aside from its renown beauty of the surface and underwater life, Misool holds another secret. Misool is also home to ancient heritage. You can find the several tombstone and carvings dated back to approximately 5000 years on the walls of the cave, making caving is another recommended activity to do. Kayaking is another great way to enjoy the island and is suitable for beginners as well as the experienced paddlers. Don’t forget to explore through the mangrove swamps, a unique experience especially with the natural and off beaten track in Misool. To make your journey more wholesome, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the nearby islands or islets with speedboats such as Batanta Island or Salawati Island. 

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Misool Raja Ampat

Misool Island People
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As part of the Raja Ampat archipelago, Misool Island is undoubtedly a diving and snorkeling paradise and could be visited all year round. However, there are times when the diving tours cease the operation between July and September which is the time when the sea gets rough. If you’re planning to visit Raja Ampat, always check the weather forecast especially between November and March. During those times, the water is predicted to be the calmest and has the best visibility for diving. From May to October, Raja Ampat Regency is likely to receive rain, making diving and trekking through the jungle dangerous.

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Prepare your money, bring a sufficient amount of cash and keep in mind that the price range in Raja Ampat or Papua generally is more expensive compared to the other regions in Indonesia. There are only a few ATMs and only located in Waisai. Always bring warm clothes in case of rain, the weather can be a bit chilly. Last but not least, always respect the traditions or custom of the people in Raja Ampat which are very friendly.  

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