Best Travel Gadgets in 2024

Travel Gadgets – Traveling can be so much fun! Whether visiting a new place and discovering new people and experiences, it is always priceless. However, revisiting the place you have been to before can be equally fun. Knowing what has changed and what has not and seeing the people you connected long ago can be a fulfilling journey. Thus, planning to travel do need many considerations. Unprepared traveling can be as tough, you will likely succumb to a foul mood and very likely will not enjoy your journey. Now, Tripcetera has a list to make your traveling more unforgettable.

1. Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Backpack
Anti-theft backpack by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Anti Theft Backpack is up and rising and is becoming essential for frequent travelers especially if you travel solo. Its special features enable you to secure your important and cherished belongings. This travel gadgets is very useful if you are going to crowded places or using public transportation. It’s complete with locked-enabled zippers, and some of them are also made from certain material and prevent theft to cut it open.

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2. Smart Luggage

Smart luggage is considered a revolution in traveling in this 21st century. This luggage is very suitable for business trips. It enables you to charge the phone and other electronic devices and is equipped with GPS to detect its location via a smartphone app. However, if you’re traveling by plane, you need to remove its batteries to get through gate checks. This isn’t that much of a deal though as the batteries can be removed easily.

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Smart Luggage
Smart Luggage by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

3. Compression Packing Cubes

Compression packing cubes will come in handy if you’re traveling for a long period or in need to bring many clothes. You might have tried to roll it, but if it still doesn’t work, then this is your solution. Compression packing cubes allow you to remove excess air and make your clothes totally compressed, hence easier to pack. Advanced technology in compression packing cubes is also featuring airtight compression, allowing more space in your pack.

4. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

When traveling abroad, don’t worry about SIM cards or lost connection. Now that there is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot (pocket wi-fi), you can stay connected anywhere around the world. Especially in a remote area or difficult signal area, just staying connected can be frustrating. Therefore, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot is a must for you who loves staying connected. No need to worry because portable a Wi-Fi hotspot is small enough to fit in your pocket

5. Water Purifying Bottle

Drinking and staying hydrated during traveling is essential. However, access to clean water sometimes can be difficult especially in a remote area. Buying bottled waters during your transit in the airport or train station can be inconvenient because you carry more weight, and the plastic can damage the environment. In that case, a water purifying bottle can be your choice. Its main feature is filtering water to be drinkable from unfiltered water.

Water Purifying Bottle
Water Purifying Bottle by Kate Joie on Unsplash

6. Credit Card Knife

Credit card knife is known for its utility. It’s super useful as a pocket knife that fits in your pocket, easy to be pulled out and put away. It’s actually a survival tool, thus if you’re planning to travel somewhere remote for example, this knife can be very handy in the middle of a jungle. It also can help you to cook, in gardening, even in first aids. The safety sheath is one of the main features to prevent an accident due to exposure of the blade.

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7. Compact mirrorless camera

If taking photos is your hobby, then bringing a camera can lead to a wonderful journey. If you travel a lot, then a mirrorless camera can be your best option. It allows you to change lenses like DSLR, and the mirror in the camera has been removed, thus, it’s become more compact. There are many variations of mirrorless camera nowadays since its first launch in 2008.

Compact mirrorless camera
Compact mirrorless camera by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

8. Digital Luggage Scale

Excess baggage can be a party-pooper in flights. Not only you could not handle it beforehand, but you also have to pay charges for the extra weight. Now you can prevent it by using a digital luggage scale. This compact tool is your company to keep your luggage at limits, preventing any unnecessary shenanigans at the airport.
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