Green Canyon

The beauty of Indonesia’s landscapes has been spreading throughout the world. From the west to the east, various natural wonders can be easily found, from pristine beaches, crystal clear lakes, sky-scraping mountains and many more are all dotting Indonesia, making this country one of the best destinations in the world. One of the many popular destinations is located in Java Island – one of the most populous islands in Indonesia but never lacks any tourist destinations and wonderful natural wonders. One of many provinces in Java is West Java, the western part of the island and is mostly inhabited by Sundanese people. Situated 31 kilometers from Pangandaran Beach, at Kertayasa Village in Ciamis Regency is Green Canyon. 

green canyon
Photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

Green Canyon is a canyon in Pangandaran. It is believed that the name is derived from the green watercolor and its surroundings. Differ from the Grand Canyon, the cliffs on either side of the river are adorned with the lush green plants and moss and offer you scenery unlike any other places in the world. For the locals, this place is known as “Cukang Taneuh”, meaning Soil Bridge. Its name comes from the bridge made of soil connecting the twin cliffs. This bridge is used by the locals to go to their fields. 

green canyon west java
Photo by Larry Selvidge on Unsplash

To explore the canyon, you must hire a rowboat known locally as “Ketinting” from the operators on the dock which operates daily from 7:30 AM to 4 PM. On Friday, the Green Canyon opens after Friday prayer at 1 PM. The boat can accommodate 5 to 6 people. From the dock, the trip to the Canyon may take 30 to 40 minutes with a panoramic view of greenery and waterfalls from the cliff. The 3 kilometers route also provide with memorable experiences; some small animals can also be found along the route to the Canyon, when you go through the river with “Ketinting” green color and vines dripping from the rocks, underwater you can also see colorful fishes swim freely. 

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Green canyon west java
Image by piper60 from Pixabay 

Once you reach a narrower river, the walls on either side of the river will turn into some kind of a cave-like entrance. The walls are draping with stalactite and draping water from it, while the sunlight is “struggling” to make its way into the cave, creating a tranquil yet magnificent view of natural wonder under the cave. At this point, the boat will stop, and you can take a dip into the natural rock pool filled with clean and turquoise water. You will then swim through the narrow river, where ropes strung along the river to guide you. Not to worry because there will be a guide to help you along the way once you rent the rowboat. You will also be provided with lifejackets to ensure your safety. There are also other activities around the Green Canyon, such as body rafting, fishing, or rafting. 

How to Get to Green Canyon

Green Canyon can be easily reached from Bandung. There are international flights or local flights to Bandung. From Jakarta, you can also hire a car which may take 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic. Once you reach Bandung, you can continue your trip to Pangandaran by rented car or by public transportation such as bus to Cijulang Terminal. Continue your trip by hiring ojek or bike taxis. 

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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Green Canyon

Before visiting Green Canyon, there are several things you need to prepare to make your trip more convenient. Always prepare to change clothes, as you will certainly get wet while boating or swimming through the river. Wear no-slip shoes such as hiking shoes because you will sometimes walk upon slippery rocks. Only bring necessary belongings and put them all in your drybag. Also, bring your own snacks and beverages because the food stalls are only available near the main entrance. Prepare sufficient cash to pay for the rowboat which costs IDR 150.000 to 200.000 depending on the tour packages. You can always add extra time which will cost IDR 100.000 for additional 30 minutes. Another important thing is, always respect the locals and don’t throw rubbish along the river. The locals have been keeping clean to make your trip as convenient as possible and for the sustainability of the canyon.

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