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Singapore is a major tourist destination in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. This country covers about 700 kilometers square only. Singapore might be tiny, but this country has been one of the most advanced countries regarding its economic and cutting-edge technology. This country has a fast-growing economy that depends on its industry and tourism. Tourism plays a major role in Singapore and people have been flocking here to see and enjoy the endless attractions in this modern country. 

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Luxurious resorts, hotels, restaurants are dotting this small nation and historical sites that have been preserved or combination of both. One of the most popular attractions in Singapore is Clarke Quay, situated on the center of the city and is on the riverside of Singapore river. Clarke Quay used to be an old harbor and trade center since modern Singapore, and after major development, turned into the center of nightlife thriving scenes in Singapore. Clarke Quay offers various attractions that are perfect to be enjoyed during the day and night. Clarke Quay is dotted with a lot of cafes and restaurants, but this place offers much more than that. Here are the things that you can’t miss while visiting Clarke Quay in Singapore.

clarke quay singapore
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1. Singapore River

Singapore River at the heart Clarke Quay is the most happening spot when you’re looking for nightlife entertainments. Located on 3 River Valley Road, Clarke Quay offers a range of nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, bar, pubs that serve Western, Chinese, and even Middle Eastern delicacies. Spend a nice evening here to see the lovely picturesque background of Singapore River with beautiful lightings illuminating the area while dining. Or just buy ice cream, snacks, and drinks and sit by the river to enjoy the stunning view of the Singapore River. Don’t miss out the chance to take a boat tour by booking a cruise to see the river in different views. Book a cruise to see the view of Singapore River passing through some amazing sights including Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and the famous Marina Bay. Don’t forget to take some pictures of the river and your bustling surrounding including the historical landmark along the cruise!

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singapore river
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2. Try Reverse Bungee

Want to try for more adrenaline-pumping experience with your friends? Try the reverse group bungee jumping! You’ll be launched against the gravitational force just like a rocket launch! Thrilling and memorable, this extreme attraction might not be suitable for everyone. But if you’re the one to try, just go to Clarke Quay where it opens at 2 PM.

3. Asian Civilisations Museum

As one of the historical landmarks in Singapore, there is one museum that you can’t miss at Clarke Quay, the Asian Civilisations Museum. This museum is built in colonial British style and is home to Singapore’s collections of diverse history. Spend your time here for a couple of hours to enjoy the fascinating collections of more than 1300 artifacts from all around Asia. 

4. Boat Quay

Take a walk from Clarke Quay and you will find Boat Quay just around the corner between North Bridge Road and Anderson Bridge. Boat Quay is a road stretch filled with bars and nightclubs, perfect for those looking for some parties after sundown. You can pick among many hot spots like laid back but live music bars, heavy beats, and techno bars or you can choose to take a leisure stroll to the North Bridge Road and Anderson Bridge. Once you reach the point, you’ll get to see the Singapore central business and Marina Bay Sands.

singapore Boat Quay
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5. The Arts House Screening Room

If you’re into something more cultural especially movies, go to The Arts House Screening Room just minutes-walk from Clarke Quay via North Bridge Road. The cinema shows independent locals and international films. The cinema, like many buildings in Clarke Quay, was built in a colonial-style building. Don’t miss out the chance to see the art exhibitions of Singapore artists being held regularly. 

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6. Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park
Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

When you think you have had enough of shopping, dining, cafés, and pub, try to refresh at Fort Canning Park. It is a small hill park situated behind the main area of Clarke Quay. After partying in the night, recharge your energy in this park surrounded by lush green vegetation. This place is popular for jogging, dog walkers, or just sitting back enjoying the sunshine.  

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