Family vacation ideas – Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, consisting of 17,000 islands across the equator. Its position in the equator made Indonesia receive sunlight all year long, as well as a tropical climate from west to the east part of Indonesia.

There are 5 main islands in Indonesia, and thousands of small islands as well as isles, each with its unique characteristic and dozens of destinations to travel to. However, traveling with family might pose a challenge for those who have never traveled with children before. Seeking suitable accommodations such as hotels for family or family-friendly establishments, has to be on considerations.

Fret not, for Indonesia has bunch of family friendly destinations across the archipelago. You won’t need to worry for lack of attractions, hotels, and diverse restaurants in Indonesia. Tripcetera has the list of destinations while spending your vacation with your loved ones.

1. Java

Java Island is the most populous island in Indonesia, home to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. This island of thousand wonders has diverse of attractions and destinations suitable for family. Ranging from pristine beaches, integrated destination area, educational vacation, all are available to spoil your family with natural beauty of this island.


Yogyakarta, a small city in Central Java is considered the center of Javanese culture. Yogyakarta is one of the special regions in Java, it is led by a sultan as the governor who lives in a sultanate kingdom known as Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

The culture of the royal kingdom is still preserved well until now. Occasionally you may watch wayang or puppet leather performance in Kraton. Don’t forget to visit the Kraton Museum to see the artefact from the ancient kingdom.

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While spending your vacation in Yogyakarta, don’t miss out Mangunan Fruit Garden and Kalibiru Yogyakarta, Mangunan Fruit Garden and Kalibiru are perfect spots to see the sunrise. Mangunan Fruit Garden is situated in Bantul while Kalibiru in Kulon Progo Regency. Those destinations are in the highland area, offering a green heavenly view of the hills and forests surrounding the area. To make it more perfect, there are a bunch of spots to take pictures with reasonable fees.

family vacation in kebun buah mangunan
Photo by Aldino Hartan Putra on Unsplash


family vacation in Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is the perfect place to escape on your short vacation with your family. Only 8 hours by train from Yogyakarta, or 3 hours by train from Jakarta, Bandung is an easy to reach city. Rent a car while staying in Bandung to go around the city. Located in the hilly part of Java, Bandung has a quite cold weather. Among dozens of destination Bandung, there are some places for your beloved family.

Trans Studio Bandung will have to be on your bucket list. It offers wide range of exciting rides, shows, as well as street performance, without being sun burned! Studio Central has a Hollywood design where you can meet famous actors on Walk of Fame. There is also water ride, where you ride a cart and then sliding down! Preparing spare clothes is highly recommended for your children as well as for you.

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Another fun destination to visit is Lembang Farmhouse, an integrated tourist destination with different themes and attraction. Take pictures with your family in a Holland traditional outfits, feed the animals in the farm, or pay a visit to Hobbit’s House!

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2. Bali

This island of Gods has been famous for many things, pristine beaches, magnificent natural sightseeing spots, as well as rich cultural ambiance all over the island. For those whole love outdoor activities, rafting with your family is a chance you can’t miss! White water rafting in Ayung River is one in a lifetime experience. Explore the deep lush green forest through meander. While paddling on the boat you will go through deep valleys, stopping in front of an awe-inspiring waterfall, as well as the green forest of Ubud. You also won’t forget the view of the iconic Tegalalang rice fields! Don’t worry because the streams are safe for beginners and children.

family vacation in Ubud Bali
Photo by Maksim Shutov on Unsplash

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Spending your time in Bali can be as much fun! Go nuts while spending your day at Waterboom Bali Park with plenty of rides, slides, and water games! Located in Kuta, this is an easy to reach destination. Spend a whole day riding on Funtastic, a mini pool and slides designed especially for kids. Other features are also available to fulfill your thrilling seeker soul.

Tips for Spending Your Holiday in Indonesia

There are several things you may consider before visiting Indonesia with your family.

  1. Renting a car can be as easy in Indonesia, there are plenty of agency providing cars for going around. However, keep in mind cars with seats for children are pretty rare.
  2. Breastfeeding in public is mostly acceptable in Java and Bali, however, do take cue from local mothers in it’s inappropriate to breastfeeding because some parts are still conservative.
  3. Hotels and resorts often have family room, while larger resort sometimes have programs for kids. Hotel staff are willing to improvise and gladly help with your kids’ necessities
  4. Nursery rooms are available in shopping malls

Now that you’ve got everything, choose your next flight with us and enjoy the moment of your life with your loved ones!

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