After a hard-drilling year in the office, nothing beats traveling to refresh your mood. In this era of instant travel, traveling can now be planned within days or even one night prior. One day you’re working in your office, the next day you are on a plane on a remote island to just lay back on a private beach while sipping cocktails.

One thing however that has always been on the consideration is the accommodation. Hotel is a classic choice of accommodation that should provide all necessities, but often expensive.  If you can’t find the right one, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars when you can save money for the next trip. Among hundreds of booking site, sometimes it’s not an easy job looking for the best deals. Luckily for you, we have tips to get the cheap hotel price!

1. Booking via must be on your bucket list to get the best hotels with the best deals. It is an online travel market place offering thousands of unique, quality accommodations, transport, and other travel related services. If you plan to go somewhere far away, Tripcetera can provide you flights with the best rates, once you get there, rent a car on the same site as well as the touring package that will take you to your dream places.

Check out our package tour or attraction in just one site! Remember, we always have a discount and will surely give you the best deals. If you’re a property owner, sign it up on our site and the guest will book yours in our growing market place and sharing community.

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2. Don’t Judge Only by The Price

Getting the lowest hotel rates doesn’t mean you get the best deals. You may get a hotel room as low as US$ 30, but sometimes that doesn’t include free Wi-Fi or other amenities. You may want to pay higher rates that include everything including toiletries or even breakfast. If you opt to choose the lower rates, consider the other necessities that you may need to pay more. It may take extra work to research the restaurant around the area where you stay.

Always be aware of hidden fees

3. Book on The Last Minute and Check for Coupons

Booking within cancellation period may also help you to snag better deals. Waiting until the last minute can be done between 24 to 48 hours in advance. Last minute booking may save your wallet because it has reduced rates. There are now booking sites that allows you to book on the last minute such us HotelTonight. Also, don’t forget to check if there are coupons available. Coupons may be underwhelmed but now you can just surf on the internet to look for coupons for travelers. Tap into cheap hotel or online travel agency apps, they have many discounts for members especially if you travel during peak season.

4. Travel During Off Season

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Avoiding peak season might be the most classic way to get the best deals. However, it truly still works especially if you don’t like crowded place. During the off-season, you will get many advantages such as lower hotel rates with complete facilities and crowded tourists’ destinations. During the off-season, staying longer sometimes may lead to saving more. Ask the hotel if they have any deals like “staying for 4 nights and pay for 3”.

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5. Hotel’s Loyalty Program

Hotels now have loyalty programs that can save money during your traveling. Especially if you’re a frequent traveler, you will get benefits such as free breakfast, early-check-in and room upgrades if you’re lucky. Members also get special rates even when in peak season when other online travel agencies and cheap hotel booking sites don’t offer discounts. For many hotels, joining the hotel loyalty program can be done for free!

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6. Pay with Credit Card

Pay with credit card
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Credit Card is a big business and to keep customer’s loyalty, they often offer a bonus for its customers. Don’t be shy to ask your credit card providers if they have a discount or promo to book hotel rooms. Paying with a credit card may get you more offers using reward points, or cash back. Some hotel may go further by giving extra discounts for members who use certain cards. Therefore, you will get double or even triple-discounts!

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