Flores Indonesia

Flores received its name from the Portuguese during the colonization era in the 16th century. The name Flores in Portuguese means flower to represent the beautiful landscape in the eastern part of Indonesia. Flores is also a name to represent the various flora beautifying the island. This island consists of volcanoes scattered on the island, terraced valleys and surrounded by pristine beaches, making it the hidden jewel in Indonesia. There are two parts of the island where tourists can choose different styles of vacation. First things first. Please note that you can go to Flores via different ways such as by plane, boat, or ferries. Book your accommodation right here to get great deals!

Flores Indonesia
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The west part of Flores in Labuan Bajo Town is the heart of tourist attractions. It’s a town paradise where tropical beauty blended with attractions such as Komodo National Park and white sandy islands where you can do island-hopping to as many islands as you please. On the east part, the island is dotted with rice terraces, native culture, hot springs, volcanoes, and surely beaches. Prepare yourself for the next big thing about Flores!

1. Trekking Through One of 7 Wonders of Komodo National Park

Komodo Dragon
Image by 5477687 from Pixabay

Komodo National Park spans over 3 islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. The park stretches for 2000 kilometers and consists of various natural landscapes such as savannah, hills, mountains, and rich marine life. Komodo National Park has one of the best trekkings ranging from a short trek to a long path up to 4 hours. On the trek, you will be guided with a professional guide that lets you see the magnificent Komodo Dragon through hills, Savannah, beach and amazing viewpoints. The guides will also teach you many things about this amazing and endemic creature. The diving spots are a paradise for intermediate divers. The rich marine life will leave you in awe with manta rays, octopus, turtles and even sharks swimming around you!

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2. Explore the Hobbit’s Cave and Spider-Web Rice Fields in Ruteng

Located near Labuan Bajo, this town has its highlights as well as some challenges for visitors, especially those who are into luxurious travel. Ruteng is famous for its hobbit cave and spider-web rice field. Hobbit’s cave is the most famous archeological site where skeletal remains of small humanoids were found in 2003. Thus, they name it the Hobbit. The discovery dated back only 18,000 years ago and is considered young in archeology and the most impressive thing is that the skeleton is only 106 centimeters in height. The eye-opening discovery is still being researched until now to challenge the theories surrounding the history of humanity. This wide opening cave has beautiful surroundings and a small museum on site.

Explore Flores Indonesia
Image by Hella Nijssen from Pixabay

Spider Web Rice is a result of traditional communal agriculture where Manggarai people share their rice paddy fields. While the most common shape of paddy fields are rectangular, the shape of the paddy fields in Ruteng resemblance spider web. 

3. Dive in Seventeen Island Marine Park in Riung

Seventeen Island Marine Park
Image by Hella Nijssen from Pixabay

The 17 paradise islands in Riung is an absolute escapade for those who are brave enough to challenge the trip. You’ll need to pass a quite unpleasant road or crowded bus, but the trip will be paid off by the breathtaking islands of white sands and turquoise beaches. This chain of beaches will spoil you with tropical scenery on an easy boat ride. This conservation area is given status national park and is home to exotic species such as Timor deer, hedgehogs, ferrets, lizards, and marsupials. The Seventeen Islands encompasses rich coral system and the crystal water makes it perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The biggest island is Ontoloe which is covered with lush mangroves, trees and is inhabited by large fruits bats!

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4. Engage in Traditional Village in Bajawa

Traditional Village in Bajawa Flores
Image by Hella Nijssen from Pixabay

Bajawa has been known for its traditional villages that preserve the culture and religion of Flores people. Its location on the hill town gives it pleasant break after the heat at Labuan Bajo or Ende. The town is surrounded by mountains and beautiful surroundings, making it pleasant to take a stroll around the traditional villages. The most famous traditional village will be Bena where 9 clans live here preserving the traditional stone buildings, and thatched houses. You may want to visit this traditional village when they hold festivals or events such as weddings or traditional rituals. Don’t forget to get some authentic souvenirs from the locals such as colorful hand-weaved traditional cloth. This authentic cloth is called ikat and is highly priced and make the perfect gift to bring home. 

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