Tips to Rent Cheap Car

Planning to go on your next trip for a couple of days? Renting a vehicle such as a car usually become one of the essential things to do in a new place. While using public transportation might be cheaper, renting a car can give you the freedom to explore new places your next trip. While frequent travelers might be able to find the deals on flight, sometimes renting a car can be frustrating. It can get too expensive, or maybe you don’t know how to sort out the insurance you may need if you don’t know the tips and tricks.

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2. Avoid picking up a rental at the airport

While visiting new places such as new city or even a new country, renting a car at the airport might sound convenient. However, note that the airport has surcharges where the actual price can be added, costing you more than you should have paid in the first place. Even the renal rental place that is listed as off-airport may still charge airport fee. Call the company to ask if they charge airport fee. If they do charge airport fee, you should check the next the nearest car rental service. Also, take into account public transportation to the renting place to save your money.

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3. Join rental company loyalty programs and Check for coupons

For those who frequently travel,  joining a loyalty program might save your wallet for hundreds of dollars. They will have discount for membership whether it’s off or peak season. Some dealers might also cooperate with your airlines or hotels and have a discount for frequent travelers. Don’t hesitate to ask if you can have one of those benefits. Some credit cards might also have programs with a rental company to lower your rate. Also, check if you work in a company where frequently renting cars, there is a big chance you might get a discount.

4. Returning Your Car

Returning your car on time has to be on your consideration. Returning the car directly to the renting company can also save you some money. Before returning the car, don’t forget to fill out the tank to the original amount. If you happen to return the car with an empty tank, you might be charged with more than the cost of the gas you actually used.

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5. Skip the Insurance and Extras

The rental company makes more profit by selling you extras such as insurance, satellite radio, and GPS navigation. Skip their offer but call or do a bit of research of your home auto insurance company.

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Find out information if they cover your insurance while you’re driving rental cars. If you don’t have a car or any other insurance, some credit cards you have may come with auto rental insurance. As for the GPS, maps or even speakerphone, your smartphone is more than just capable to assist you down the road while you are traveling.

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6. Double Check Your Receipt

Rental companies sometimes can be notorious for charging unexpected extra fees. Always ask for your receipt, see if they put refueling fee or they haven’t reduced the price if you happen to have a discount or coupons. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience, factor the time you may need to get to the drop-off. While returning the car, take the time to recheck the receipt if they added on fees you haven’t agreed on. Also, keep your gas receipt and show the company the gas receipt as the proof that you have filled up the tank.

To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, rent a car via for trusted car rental companies.

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