Tokyo is nothing like the other places on Earth and has been on everyone’s bucket list. The capital city of Japan is hard to beat as a tourist destination. Offering wild varieties of attractions is the main reason why this megapolitan city is a once in a lifetime journey. It might take more than a month to visit the best places in Tokyo and still, you will want more. Ranging from chilling temples and shrines, contemporary museums, green spaces, and the famous Harajuku Street! Don’t have much time? Not to worry because Tripcetera has enlisted the best things you can do during your visit to Tokyo.

Visiting Sensoji Temple

During your visit to one of the busiest cities in the world, don’t forget to take a break at the most well-known temple in Tokyo, Sensoji Temple. Experience the traditional Japanese culture and tradition at the oldest temple in Tokyo. Situated in the historical center of the city, start your journey with Japan’s spiritual life.

Sensoji Temple
Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Glancing from Tokyo Tower

Standing over 300 meters scraping Tokyo’s sky, Tokyo Tower allows tourists to see the breathtaking view of Tokyo. Although its height is topped by the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower has always a special place in the Japanese’s heart as the symbol of the city. While your eyes wandering around the scenic view of the city, try to gaze at the famous spots you can find from up there such as Zojoji Temple.

Tokyo Tower
Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

Have Fun at Ghibli Museum

Are you a big fan of Ghibli movies? Then try not to miss the whimsical Ghibli Museum. Designed by the beloved director, Hayao Miyazaki, this place will send you to your imagination’s universe of Ghibli. Savor your inner child with drawings from the classic My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. Occasionally there are also exhibitions such as food exhibitions that the characters eat in the movies!

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Chilling at Zen Garden

After hopping from one destination to another crowded spot, try to relax a bit at Zen gardens. Renowned for capturing the aspects of nature into confined space, go picnic at the gardens that feature mountains, rivers, and even lake. This will surely relax your stiff shoulder especially if you visit during sakura season!

Zen Garden
Photo by Nolan Di Meo on Unsplash

Go Nuts at Akihabara

Those in love with Japanese movies and anime may never forget to visit Akihabara. Find your favorite collections of comic books or manga, figures, costumes, and supplies of clothes and any knickknacks you have always been thinking about. Akihabara is also a perfect spot to check those famous maid cafes.

Nuts at Akihabara
Photo by Andy Miller on Unsplash

Get Freaky at Robot Restaurant

Decorated with crazy neon lights and bizarre antiques, this restaurant is otherworldly one of a kind. Once you enter this place, you will be greeted with robots as your waiters. Filled with yet another bizarre performers, robots and random props including tanks and dinosaur (yeap, you read that right), this restaurant is worth your visit for some quirky experiences.

Practice Sumo

Ryogoku is considered the historical landmark of Sumo culture in Japan. Thus, this place will be the perfect spot to learn the history sumo and you might also be able to practice sumo. Some of the stables will let you practice for free during early morning practice. Rush to the Ryogoku Kokugikan to witness the authentic sumo match.


There’s nothing more Japan than soaking yourself in the famous onsen (hot spring) dotted the country. Find one in Tokyo such as Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari (tattoo free) and taste the traditional experience of Old Japan where you will be wearing yukata, get into the hot spring, and dining all in one place.

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Buy from Vending Machines

Vending Machines
Photo by Daniel Tseng on Unsplash

Vending machines are taken to the next level in Japan. Literally, in every corner of Tokyo, you will find vending machines selling basic things such as beverages, snacks, and some unorthodox stuff inside the machine including natto (fermented soybean), hot pots, and fruits. Please note that it is customary not to eat out on the streets, therefore you should consume whatever you bought next to the machine and discard any rubbish in the trash can.

Ramen Hunting

Ramen Tokyo
Photo by Emran Yousof on Unsplash

Ramen is the iconic Japanese dish alongside sushi, and Shinjuku has more than 200 ramen restaurants to try. Be prepared to queue during lunchtime in the popular restaurants and try different types of ramens from Ichiran to Tsukumen, including Halal Ramen.

So, what do you think about the list? Make sure you visit all these places while visiting Tokyo.

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