As a country with the biggest Moslem population on Earth, Indonesia’s Idul Fitri surely is one of the biggest celebrated holidays. It’s been the most awaited holiday season, the most festive days to go back to their hometown to celebrate Idul Fitri with beloved families and friends. This phenomenon is called mudik in Indonesian or homecoming. During this holiday, imagine millions of people traveling, that’s why the tickets for public transportation such as airplane, ferry, trains even busses are usually sold out 3 months away and imagine the crowd! What are the other things you can do to avoid the crowds?

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Homecoming period usually happens one week before Idul Fitri and one week after Idul Fitri. Therefore, planning your homecoming in advance is certainly a must to avoid any unnecessary shenanigans to get together during this month of blessing. Book your travel options via to get your affordable plane tickets from anywhere in advance and we’ll give you the best deals! If you visit your hometown and need a car, not to worry! We also provide car rental along with a driver and everything shall be taken care of!

2. Preparation for Idul Fitri Starts Now!

idul fitri holidays
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Traveling with families can be a major event, including preparing for homecoming even for those who have done it so many times. For starters, check and recheck your calendar to get the exact date when you are going. Think about the date. Do you need to issue day off from your office? Do the kids need to bring something special for their grandparents, uncles, and aunts? Start preparing now! Then there’s your luggage. Is it going to be small, huge? Consider taking the full-service airline to take care of your huge family’s luggage which is included in the ticket.

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3. Postpone if Possible

Traveling to spend time with families during Idul Fitri can take a tremendous amount of time, especially if you travel during peak, usually 2 days before and 2 days after Idul Fitri. Therefore, try to postpone it by traveling after Idul Fitri, you won’t be stressed by the awful traffic jam and won’t be in a rush to leave the families.

postpone it by traveling after Idul Fitri
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4. Leave after Eid Prayer or Arrive Beforehand

Eid prayer is the awaited praying time of the year, as it only happens twice a year. If you plan to travel during Idul Fitri, one of the best times to leave is after the Eid Prayer. However, if you plan to arrive in an unfamiliar place to pray, do some research beforehand. Where does the prayer going to take place, what time? Thus, you can still pray in congregation and even meet new people to celebrate Idul Fitri with.

Leave after Eid Prayer or Arrive Beforehand
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For those who travel to Indonesia during Idul Fitri, it can be very fascinating to witness this major national holiday. The atmosphere of victory after a full month of fasting is celebrated in various ways across the archipelago. During this time of the month, people are visiting families, friends, and neighbors. Socializing, having dinner together, and visiting tourist destinations are common. Here are some lists you can do during Idul Fitri holidays.

5. Visiting Tourist Destinations

Those who are in Jakarta during Idul Fitri will see the magic. Imagine that party-pooper traffic jam will be gone for several days. The streets will be unbelievably empty, and you can explore it to your heart’s content. If you haven’t had the chance to visit tourist destinations due to the crowds, now will be the perfect opportunity to actually enjoy the capital city. Visit Kota Tua or Ancol and even better, Thousand Islands area.

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Kota tua jakarta
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6. Try Ketupat

During Idul Fitri, try not to miss the delicious Indonesian rice dumpling, ketupat. The rice will be wrapped inside woven palm leaf and can be enjoyed with various dishes such as opor (chicken or meat cooked in coconut milk and spices from Java), or the famous rendang. Savor the iconic dishes preferably with families and friends, as ketupat symbolizes togetherness and living in harmony.

7. Engage in Traditional Rituals

Knows as the Moslem holiday, Idul Fitri however can be seen as a moment to get together with families and carried out with different ways across the country. The beauty of the religion in Indonesia is that it intertwined with cultures and create unique rituals. Yogyakarta, for example has a tradition of Grebeg Syawal where it involves gunungan or offering by Sultan. The offering will then be scrambled by locals and is believed as the blessing from God. People in Lombok celebrate it by ‘ketupat war’ to symbolize harmony.

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