Things to do in Malaysia

Malaysia has been known for its business power in Southeast Asia. Along with the strong economic growth, Malaysia has been keeping its traditions alive creating a unique ambiance of advanced urban life mixed with a cultural perspective. Located in the Malaysia Peninsula and spans to Borneo, Malaysia has a bunch of beautiful destinations to adore. Beaches, mountains, urban lifestyle, recreation areas are all available in Malaysia and are inhabited the culturally diverse indigenous groups. In order to get to Malaysia, first, book your flight and retrieve the best deals for you and your family!

10 Top Things To Do in Malaysia

1. Enjoy City View from Petronas Twin Tower

petronas twin tower
Image by KuyaAndy from Pixabay 

Petronas Twin Towers is the tallest twin structure in the world. Scraping the sky with 452 meters above sea level and connected by double-decker sky bridge is certainly become the landmark of Malaysia. The view from above is one of its major features along with several activities you can do here. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the view from the double-decker bridge and impressed by the city view from above.

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2. Climb Mount Kinabalu

Mount kinabalu
Photo by Iqx Azmi on Unsplash

On the Borneo part of Malaysia, with Indonesia as the neighboring country, lies the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia in Sabah Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu. Those who love adrenalin pumping and nature destinations, should not miss the chance to climb this young mountain who is hardened only 10 million years ago. Try to climb this monstrous mountain that is measured more than 4000 meters and more than 8000 kilometers of the trailhead. Due to its busy climbing activities, the authorities now give preference for those who choose to pick 3 days and 2 nights package although it might be done only 2 days. Climbing with a guide is compulsory and reservation ahead is a must. Once you reach the top behold the breathtaking view of the jungle on the fluffy clouds and blue sky.

3. Explore Penang

Penang Malaysia
Photo by Poh Wei Chuen on Unsplash

Penang is one of the most prominent destinations in Malaysia. Famous for its beaches, laid back island and its culinary paradise, Penang has a lot of things to explore. Visit the beautiful ancient buildings, museums, at Penang as the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its conservation and preservation. Eat along the way with curries, noodles, and tons of delicious street foods. Looking for something natural? Visit the Habitat Penang Hill with your family to have an educational vacation where you can see various floral ecosystem, canopy walk, and picturesque landscape.

4. Malacca Old Town

Things to do in penang malaysia
Photo by Melly Nahyun on Unsplash

Craving for something historic and awe-inspiring? Don’t miss the Historical city of Malacca! In this town, the atmosphere of multicultural traditions is kept alive. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, the city boasts the ambiance of an old town blended with attractions. Visit the Jonker Walk Night to buy a collection of trinkets, local dishes, and many more. Several spots that you can’t miss are Melaka River Park, Stadhuys, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Christ Church, Maritime Museum and Naval Museum, River Cruise, etc.

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5. Admire Batu Caves

Admire Batu Caves
Image by minshee93 from Pixabay 

Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur is a great attraction. It is a formation of limestone hill dotted with big and small caves around the area. This area is home to several Hindu shrines and is an important landmark for the Hindus in Malaysia. On the foot of the cliff, you will be welcomed by the epic 140-foot golden statue of Lord Murugan, the God of War.

6. Escape to Genting Highlands

things to do in Genting Highlands malaysia
Image by Hasan Mahamud Sokal from Pixabay

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Get away to Genting Highlands, a resort located in the Titiwangsa Mountains at 5000 feet elevation. Enjoy yourself with a theme park, resorts, bars, and restaurants with local and international cuisine. Don’t forget to try Genting Skyway which is a long and fast gondola lift with a breathtaking view of the highland.

7. Kuala Lumpur China Town

China Town in Kuala Lumpur is vibrant with Chinese-Malay culture. Get lost in Petaling Street as this place is a shopper’s dream. Various stalls selling shirts, souvenirs, bags, hats, and you can actually haggle down the price! Once you get in the middle of the hustling street try some hot street food, exotic fruits, and stay in backpacker friendly accommodation while making some friends!

8. Feel the Breeze at Cameron Highland

things to do in Cameron Highland malaysia
Image by Risma Alonso from Pixabay 

Cameron Highlands is a distinctive area where the climate and terrains are uniquely different from other areas in Malaysia. In this highland, you will get to see the endless tea plantation and lush green hills. While staying in Cameron Highlands, try some British menus like beef Wellington as this place was developed by the British during the 1990s.

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9. Mulu National Park

As one of the most diverse national parks in Southeast Asia, Mulu National Park is perfect for those who truly love nature. This national park offers the world’s largest cave chamber, spiky limestone phenomenon, tree-based sky canopy rivers and certainly flora and fauna.

10. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Located in Petaling Jaya, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park consist of 6 different theme parks ranging from Water Park, Extreme Park, Amusement Park, to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon! Prepare yourself with more than 80 rides and attractions!

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