Labun Island

Labun Island – Situated in one of the outer parts of Indonesia, Riau Archipelago consists of dozens of islands. These islands are waiting to be explored by any kind of traveler with its biggest city, Batam. The attractions in Batam are varied. From pristine beaches to mighty mountains, from shopping havens to spa treatments, are all available in Batam.

Not only that, Batam has hidden escapades for those who’re looking for adventure with a stunning natural view, Labun Island. Labun Island is a small island located across Galang Island with areas only a few kilometers square and it is only 65 kilometers away from the city. Galang Island is a major island in Batam, where the iconic Barelang Bridge was built to connect several islands including Galang.

Labun Island is also known as Kelong Island and is part of Batam which has been transformed into a tourist destination while preserving its natural beauty. Labun Island is managed by Labun Island Resort. Therefore, in order to get there, you need to book in advance. Labun Island is the embodiment of a tropical beach in real life. The small island is left to its natural state with only a few developments to make your stay more enjoyable.

White sandy beaches surrounded by crystal water and the natural view will be your daily sightseeing. Not only that, Labun Island hides another secret, underneath the clear water lies hypnotizing underwater marine life waiting to be found. The stunning view of underwater life has been attracting travelers and sea-goers to snorkel in Labun Island. 

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Labun Island Batam

labun island batam
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Snorkeling is a must do when visiting Labun Island, the beauty of underwater life consists of arrangements of lovely coral reefs. You can see it through the clear waters right from your cottage. There are a couple of places you can go to enjoy this pristine island. If you’re fond of fishing, there are also fishing spots right in front of the resort. Not to worry about bringing in too many types of equipment to Labun Island because the resort has prepared all you will ever need. For those who love beaches, you can lounge all day on 2 beaches – on the southern part of the island, and the other one on the west side of Labun.

labun island
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One beach has a unique feature of a beach that juts into the sea, with Kandap Hill view on your left side, while on the right side you will see a glimpse of Petong Island. For sunset seekers, it is also recommended to go to the west part of the island to enjoy a magnificent sunset. The other beach will be filled with shady trees and hammock to lounge and spend your day lazing around. 

There are also a lot activities you can do with your family, friends, or your significant other. Banana boat, karaoke, board games and many more are available on the island to keep you entertained. For those looking for a weekend gateway, with this package from Tripcetera, you don’t need to worry about a single thing! In this package, you are already assigned free snorkeling and kayak equipment, banana boat, karaoke, human catapult and many more. You will also be assigned boat transportation from Galang Port to Labun as well as lunch and underwater cameras. 

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Having dinner in Labun Island is as memorable as it gets. Popular for its fresh seafood, you will be prepared a meal only when there is an order to give you the freshest meal in Labun. Don’t miss out on the chance to dinner with a stunning view of clear water and coral reefs under your feet!

If you’re planning to have dinner there on a weekend, do go there earlier because it can get pack during that time.

Credit Image : @tripcetera on Instagram

How to Get to Labun Island

In order to get to Labun Island, first, you need to make a reservation because the port is mostly closed unless there was an appointment before. Currently, there is no public transportation to reach Labun Islan so you need to arrange your accommodation to Labun Island.

If you’re coming from Singapore, you can take an airplane that lands on Hang Nadim International Airport or take the ferry from Singapore that only takes 55 to 70 minutes. Once you landed, arrange a rented car then cross the Barelang Bridge that spans over 5 islands to reach Galang Baru Island. When you reach Galang Baru Island port, take a speed boat or locally known as “pompong” to take you to Labun Island.

Once you reach Labun Island, your adventure has just begun!

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