Traveling to Japan

Traveling to japan – Japan has been many things. A country of striking contrast where the deep-rooted traditional culture meets the futuristic elements. Historic shrines and castles lay peacefully one side of the country while superstores, blitz, and all that cutting-edge technology dotted the other parts. Every region of Japan offers a unique experience for tourists where the traditions meet modern life in a balanced kind of way. The geography of Japan consisted of mountains with hot springs in many corners of the city.

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During the warmer times, fields of wildflowers grow everywhere, while during winter, it turns to be a world class skiing area. Getting around in Japan is known for its efficient transportation and easy to get around. The famous subway stations, as well as that shinkansen (bullet train), appearing on every anime and Japanese movies sure tell many things about transportation in Japan. Before that, book your ticket with us so that you don’t miss the best deals!

1. Kyoto

kyoto japan
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Kyoto is the best escape you can expect while traveling to Japan. After days of hard work, you just want to take a step back and enjoy things around you in a peaceful place. As Japan’s Spiritual Center, Kyoto is packed with history, temples and shrines, as well as awe-inspiring architecture, are all you need to find inner peace.

One of the most iconic spots in Kyoto is the famous Kinkaku-ji or known as The Golden Pavilion located in northern Kyoto. Originally built in 1937 as retirement villa, it is now turned into a Zen Temple. Its 2-floor impressive architecture is built upon a large pond and the exterior are covered in gold leaf. After viewing the Kinkaku-ji, visitors may continue through the gardens where it leads to Sekketei Teahouse. Outside the area, there is a small tea garden where you can enjoy matcha tea and sweet bringing home souvenirs from the souvenirs shop.

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2. Tokyo

Tokyo Japan Girl
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Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, the center of Japanese arts and culture. Endless possibilities are available in Tokyo where the neighboring is diverse in every corner of the city. There are museums from every era of Japanese fused with the modern pop Japanese culture. Among much Japanese renown pop culture, Harajuku might be one of the most famous icons of pop culture. Harajuku is actually an area around Harajuku Station, located between Shinjuku and Shibuya. This is the center of the most extreme teenage culture and fashion, shopping, and historic sites. The most prominent street is the Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) where the 400 meters road is lined up shops selling kawaii (cute, loveable style) to the gothic theme, to the most unorthodox extreme style are all available in Harajuku.

Tokyo kimono
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Another feature south of Takeshita Dori is Omotesando, Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees where you can find famous brands, cafes, and restaurant. Omotesando is also the road to reach Meiji Shrine, a temple dedicated to Emperor Meiji. The shrine itself located in the forested area amidst the city, perfect for resting and relaxing. During the spring, don’t miss the chance to see iconic sakura (cherry blossom), in Tokyo the sample tree for the opening of the first bloom is located in Yasukuni Shrine.

3. Hiroshima

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Hiroshima has been remembered as the place where the atomic bomb first dropped, creating massive destruction and some believe that the city will never be rebuilt again. This proved to be the opposite, Hiroshima took a lot of efforts to build the city from scratch. Now the city has built a monument to commemorate the inspiration to rebuild Hiroshima again.

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The main attraction in Hiroshima is Hiroshima’s, Peace Memorial Park. It’s a 120,000 square meter large park consisted of trees, lawns, and walking paths. In this Memorial Park, visiting Peace Memorial Museum is a must. The museum consists of the history of Hiroshima and the aftermath after the nuclear bombing. After visiting the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park, savor the Hiroshima’s soul food, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki! The difference from Osaka’s style is that it contains a lot of vegetables, noodles, and egg on the top.

4. Beppu

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Beppu has the ultimate range of baths to be enjoyed. Known as the Hells of Beppu for various hot springs, some baths are even more spectacular as sightseeing spot rather than bathing. Beppu has many hot springs more than any place in the world and its baths are ranging from mud baths, steam baths, even sand baths! One of the most famous places is Takegawara Onsen, the oldest onsen (traditional Japanese inn and bath) built in 1879 during Meiji Era. Takegawara Onsen offers regular bath and sand baths, after a long day strolling the city, nothing beats relaxing in the onsen. Beppu hot springs are used not only to bathe. People in Beppu have also been using hot water to cook food by hot steaming it naturally. Visitors can steam their own meals at Jigokumushi Kobo Steam Cooking Center. The staffs will guide you to your steam chamber for a certain duration (510 yen for 30 minutes). After you are done, enjoy your healthy, meals!

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