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Singapore Night Safari isn’t just your regular zoo past the night-time. It is indeed located next to the Singapore Zoo and now has become a world-class attraction. Night Safari Singapore was opened in 1994 was the first safari to offer night-time visit to see the nocturnal wildlife. Night Safari now attracts more than 1 million visitors per year and it also serves as a conservation, rescue and research facility. Visiting the first night safari will take you to the world of nocturnal animals in their daily habitat and fascinated how they live after the sun is set. Bringing the kids will not only entertain them but also giving them some kind of hands-on experience to actually see into the wildlife. Once they see the animals in their habitat, this experience will help them to develop more empathy towards animals. 

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Night Safari is comprised of 40 hectares or 86 acres to create a perfect habitat for more than 1000 animals from over 100 species. Night Safari in Singapore has also put efforts especially to breed endangered species such as Malayan tapirs, Asian lions, Malayan tigers, and Asian elephants. Inside this huge jungle, you can explore it to your heart’s content on an open-air tram, enjoy the night shows, have a nice dinner and buy some souvenirs to bring home!

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Before going to the Night Safari, you can plan a bit to make your adventure through the jungle as fulfilling. Before going trekking, you can have dinner that serves traditional and international cuisine at one of the food courts serving main courses, desserts, or slushies. If you enjoy a buffet, you can try Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant which serves Asian dishes or Indian dishes (served at 8:30 PM). 

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After you enjoy your dinner, you can trek through 7 geographical regions to distinct creatures according to their group. You can take a walk through the night safari via 4 tracks available: Wallaby Trail, Leopard Trail, East Lodge Trail, and Fishing Cat Trail. Wallaby Trail will take you to explore Australian, New Zealand and New Guinea animals such as wallabies, sugar glider, possum and many more. Leopard Trail will give you an experience of watching leopards, civets, lions, and other spectacular animals. This trail will also give you a chance to see flying squirrels and flying foxes up close in the walk-through exhibit. 

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East Lodge Trail provides a combination of Asian and African magnificent creatures. This trail is also connected to Leopard Trail to the Wallaby Trail. Via this track, you will get to see red river hogs, the babirusa, Malayan tigers, servals, and many more. The last walk trek is the Fishing Cat Trail. It is a unique experience where you can watch fishing cats stalking its prey in the water to catch fish. You get to see other species such as binturong, pangolin and many more. 

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After trekking through one of those tracks, you can continue your journey on a guided tram or take a break while watching Thumbuakar fire show. You can watch Thumbuakar warriors perform cultural dance, flame-throwing or fire-eating! Get some snacks and drinks while watching the show to refill your energy. Enjoy the show as a break from your trekking before going continue your exploring through the night safari on a tram. 

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After watching the brave pyro warriors of Thumbuakar, hop on the tram ride with the guide to show you the safari’s best-kept secrets. Prepare to be amazed at a 40-minute ride with entertaining and full of educational information from the English-speaking guide. You will trek through 6 geographical zones where some of the creatures can only be seen from a tram. 

After spending your time watching fascinating creatures from the tram, it is time to see the Creatures of the Night Show. This interactive and humorous performance is an amphitheater where you get to watch a 20-minute show of the nocturnes such as hyena, otter, civet and many more. At last, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs of Night Safari in the Gift Shop. 

How to Get to Night Safari Singapore

80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Visiting Night Safari in Singapore needs some a little plan beforehand. First thing first, plan your ticket to Singapore via air to Changi International Airport or if you travel from Batam, you can just ride a ferry, easy peasy.

Once you are in Singapore, you can take a taxi, bus services from the city which provides one way or round trip, or you can take public transportation via MRT. However, to make it more convenient, you can rent a car or taxi.

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