East Coast Park

Countries in Southeast Asia has its own uniqueness, each with its traditions, historical background and culture, resulting in a very insightful experience for every visit. One of the many countries in Asia especially Southeast Asia is Singapore, a small country located in the Asia continent. Contrary to its small size, Singapore is dotted with many attractions, either manmade (to compensate for its tiny size) or natural attractions.

Among many places in Singapore, beaches and parks are always on the options to spend your weekend with your significant other, family or friends. Or, what if you can have both park and beach at the same time? Wait no more! In eastern Singapore on the route to Changi International Airport, there lies a 15-kilometer stretch of seafront park namely East Coast Park! 

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East Coast Park Singapore

east coast park singapore
Image by Victor Toh from Pixabay 

East Coast Park is a very popular park for Singaporeans. It provides fresh air, clean and lovely white sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see and complete with swaying palm trees to resemble an idyllic tropical island. It is now holding the title as the largest park in Singapore with various attractions and fun activities. As the largest park in Singapore, it is the perfect escapade from the bustling city for every age, from kids to elders are all gathering in this park. People in every age could enjoy one or everything available in the area. 

view at east coast park singapore
Photo by Christoph Theisinger on Unsplash

East Coast Park has been a favorite place to hang out with families and friends as there are many choices of activities you can do here. Their theme of the park, “Recreation for All” is turned into many fun and healthy activities including sporting, entertainment, as well as dining center are available at East Coast Park for all ages.

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In order to ease the visitors of East Coast Park, the park is divided into various areas starting from A to H, with A is the nearest to the city, while H is the closest to Changi International Airport. There are also complete facilities in this area including kiosk to rent things you need on the beach, parking area, and even showers so you can clean yourself up before heading to your next destination. 

What to Do at East Coast Park?

1. Relax on the beach

East Coast Park has 15 kilometers stretch of beach. Therefore, nothing beats the beach life at East Coast Park with your family and friends. Lay down on the gorgeous sand under the coconut palm trees, swimming, or letting the kids play with sand toys or built their dream sandcastle. If you forgot to bring your supplies, there is a kiosk where you can rent sand toys. Try the area at the E2 near the lagoon or area C across the Parkway Parade with the best views. 

2. Watersports

When going to the beach, trying watersports is a thing you just can’t miss. There are many things you can try whether you’re a pro or just curious to try some adrenalin-pumping activities. You can try windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, or stand up paddleboarding. Not to worry because there are instructors and facilities for you to learn regardless of your skill. 

water sport in east coast park
Image by HarryenNell from Pixabay 

3. Cycling or Rollerblading at East Coast Park

One of the most fun activities to do at East Coast Park is cycling around the area. The flat area is perfect for pedaling while enjoying the breeze. Cycling with younger kids can be more fun because you can rent a family bicycle that looks like a trishaw. Don’t worry if you can’t bring your own bicycle because bikes can be rented around the area at bike rental kiosks at Area B, C and E. Another alternative to enjoy the view, as well as exercise, is rollerblading. You can also rent rollerblades at the bike rental along with disposable socks you may need.

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east coast park singapore
Photo by Caesar Aldhela on Unsplash

4. Fishing and Barbecuing

Barbecuing by the sea with your family on the weekend seems to be the perfect activity. Gather with your loved ones in one of the 80 barbecue pits dotted the entire park and enjoy the family moment. Booking the barbecue pit in advance is more convenient. Fishing is also available at the area called Bedok Jetty. Try to fish at Bedok Jetty on area F to perfect your technique or just relax and enjoy the sea breeze. 

Fishing and Barbecuing
Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash

5. Other Activities

There are still many activities you can do at East Coast Park. If you’re a photography enthusiast, don’t forget to bring your camera to snap some panoramic view of the sea, beach, the park, or even the people. Bring your kids to East Coast Park? Don’t worry because they can have fun at the large playground at Marine Cove which is suitable for all ages. After spending all day long at the beach, doing watersports and all, don’t forget to get your dinner or lunch at the East Coast Seafood Centre where you can find many options, from hawkers, casual dining, to a seafood restaurant.

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