Jomblang Cave

Yogyakarta holds secrets more than you have ever known. This city in Java Island is a famous spot for various entertainment. As the city of tourism, Yogyakarta offers a wide range of tourist destinations such as Merapi Volcano, beaches, museums, Sultan Palace, viewpoints, and caves! Yes, caves in Yogyakarta have been popular destinations for those who loves exploring undergrounds caves and see beauty from a different angle. One of the prominent caves to be explored in Yogyakarta is Jomblang Cave or Goa Jomblang. Located in Gunung Kidul Regency, about 40 kilometers from the heart of the city, this spot is a must-go-to for caving activity.

Jomblang Cave Gunung Kidul

First, if you come from outside of Yogyakarta, you can book a plane ticket to land at Adisucipto International Airport. Once you arrive in Yogyakarta, you can rent a car to your designated hotel or homestays. There are tons of hotels and many kinds of accommodations in Yogyakarta that are suitable for your budget. Located in Semanu, about 1.5 hours’ drive from Yogyakarta, the access to Goa Jomblang is very easy and the road is good although it can be a bit bumpy at the end.

There are several essential things you need to keep in mind before caving to Jomblang Cave. Technically speaking, this cave is part of a cave system that was formed by rainwater and underground rivers. The water erodes the karst rock and creates an underground cave. From the outside, it might look just like a big sinkhole, this was formed from the roof collapsing and this is where the tourists see the heavenly view. Therefore, this cave is unlike any other caves in the world, this vertical cave, and the depth can reach up to 80 meters. Once you reach into the deep of the cave, you can see the heavenly view hidden from the outside world.

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Jomblang Cave
Photo by Ian Chen on Unsplash

Visiting Jomblang Cave needs to be done in the morning to create sustainable tourism. The number of visitors allowed in the cave is only 70-80 people per day. Therefore, you need to go to be in Jomblang Cave around 9 AM. Entering Jomblang Cave needs careful preparation and a little bit of training. You need to learn single rope technique (SRT), therefore guided caving is obligatory to ensure the safety standards. After wearing the pieces of equipment such as boots, helmet, coverall, and headlamp, the SRT will be set to your body by the trainer.    

View to the sky at Goa Jomblang
View to the sky at Goa Jomblang

There are several heights you can choose from that are suitable for your experience, ranging from 15 meters, 40 meters, and up to 80 meters. For beginners, it is advised that you choose the 15 meters, also known as the VIP. On the way down to the cave, the view will be filled with karst rock and might be barren region while hanging on the rope. However, once you reach the bottom of the cave, you can witness the natural wonder of the underground ancient forest. Various big trees, bushes, and moss growing all over the bowl of the cave. The ancient vegetations differ from the ones above the ground and are continuing to grow up until now.

Jomblang cave inside
Photo by Daan Mooij on Unsplash

The journey doesn’t stop there, as you can continue your adventure to see Luweng Grubug, a beautiful vertical cave entrance where you can see heavenly light. From underground, you could see pillar light piercing through the darkness of the underground and lighting the surrounding area, creating a surreal silhouette of the crystal, stalactite and stalagmite and water dropping from it dotting the place.

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You could also witness the underground river which passes through the cave. Savor in the large nature wonder and be amazed at how large the cave is, some says it a five floors building could fit in it. Don’t forget to dive into the solitude of the place, with only the sounds of chirping birds, water dropping, and the river flowing.

Remember the journey that you had to go through to reach this place and it will all be paid off. Wait no more and feel this highlighted spot in Yogyakarta, fulfill your adventurous soul in Jomblang Cave and see the wonder for yourself! If you also happen to have a rental car, hotels or any accommodations, tour package or any kind of attractions, don’t hesitate to join our growing travel marketplace through this one click!

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