Komodo Island

Komodo Island holds the title of one of seven wonders on Earth, it was also declared as the World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. This island has been attracting tourists for decades for its exotic natural beauty, the discovery of the rare fauna, and one of the best scuba diving in the world.

Komodo Island along with the other 28 volcanic islands between Sumbawa and Flores in Nusa Tenggara Province is the only home to Komodo Dragons, the largest lizard, and reptile on earth. The exotic fauna is preserved in Komodo National Park in 3 major islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar and small islands surrounding it. 

Komodo Island
Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

For those who spend their vacation or trip in Bali, island-hopping to Komodo Island will lead to another great adventure of diverse beautiful landscapes such as mountains, sea, Savannah, to the breathtaking reefs under water. Hopping to Komodo Island is usually treated as an extended journey when you spend your time in Bali.

You can book a straight flight to Komodo Airport on the neighboring island of Flores. However, you need to take 3 to 4 hours of a boat ride to Komodo Island. Or you can take a liveaboard cruise that includes island-hopping for there is no direct sail to Komodo Island.

Komodo Island Indonesia

Komodo National Park
Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Once you land in Komodo Island, prepare yourself for one of the most exciting experiences in your life in Komodo National Park. The national park that spans for 2000 kilometers square will leave you in awe with various natural attractions. The main attraction is surely the Komodo Dragon itself, reaching up to 3 meters in length and over 50 kilograms, the dragon is massive.

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Their physical strength is unbelievable, with running and swimming ability up to 20 kilometers per hour, seeing a far object from 300 meters away, they surely are a predator on this island. With their massive body, they can eat big animals such as buffalo, pigs, even deer. They bite their prey with their teeth which contains poison in their saliva. Watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat will give you some sense of how amazing wildlife is. 

Komodo Dragon
Image by 5477687 from Pixabay

Komodo Island isn’t just about the Komodo Dragon. You can explore further into the island to admire the natural beauty while searching for Komodo! You can explore the island further by trekking with the obligatory guide. There are several choices of trek ranging from the shortest for less than an hour to the longest trek up to 4 hours. You must follow your guides at all times and not wandering by yourself. When you have to go to the bathroom, it is highly recommended that you don’t go alone.

The guide will take you to some of the best viewpoints on the island including the summit. Another prominent feature of Komodo Island is the famous diving spot. Komodo Island is another paradise for diving lovers, the rich marine life will leave you in awe with manta rays, octopus, turtles and even sharks swimming around you! The diving spots are mostly for advanced divers; however, newbie divers can still enjoy the experience with various options!

There are many tour packages you can choose in Labuan Bajo to get the taste of this paradise in Indonesia. Check out this link to get the best tour package to explore Komodo Island! There are various packages you can choose, they may include accommodations, guides, trekking, diving, and island-hopping to satisfy your every need. It is possible to book your tour in advance, but if you don’t have much time, there are many tour operators in Labuan Bajo that can take you to Komodo Island.

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Komodo Island - Komodo National Park
Image by rina agtiana from Pixabay 

Thing You Need to Prepare in Komodo Island

Traveling to Komodo is an exciting experience but being prepared won’t hurt! The climate and geography of Komodo National Park are one of the driest places in Indonesia. Therefore, you need to pack light and have absorbent clothes for trekking. A pair of hiking shoes will surely help you when you trek the stony hills or terrain.

Always bring bottled water, a hat, and sunscreen if you have sensitive skin because of the dry climate. Last but not least, always follow the rules, obey your guides and adapt with the local culture. You may also need to check the news about the Komodo Island for closure, ensure that the Komodo Island is still open during your travel time for there is a plan to close the national park temporarily. 

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