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Spending your weekend in Jakarta? As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a bunch of city attractions all over the town. If you are into city entertainment, Jakarta will absolutely be the perfect spot. Various shopping malls, fancy dining restaurant, cafes, and clubs are dotting the town. Nothing can beat hard-partying with good music, best drinks, and some companies after a week full of loaded paperwork and endless assignments. Especially those who travel for business can also enjoy a piece of Jakarta in its nightclubs. Jakarta nightclubs are certainly among the most hype in the world, some of them offering dark temples while the others are more intimate, perfect as a place to get together in this city that never sleeps.

One of the most hype in Jakarta owned by Ismaya Group is BLOWFISH. As one of the most favorite hangout places in Jakarta, BLOWFISH is a one spot of nightlife entertainment. Established since 2003 and was renovated twice, Blowfish has the most eye-catching hi-tech interior, lighting set and sound system in Jakarta. The ultra-modern interiors include hexagonal reflective fixture as a disco ball and LED-lit wall panels. BLOWFISH is always been listed as the best club in Jakarta by many sites, so get ready to get the party all night.

BLOWFISH and PURO Lounge Jakarta

Blowfish is the pioneer of the nightlife industry in Jakarta and has been keeping high standards to please its crowd. Blowfish has been inviting top-notch DJs such as Afrojack, Richie Hawtin, Deorro, and even Yellow Claw among the best. Blowfish is also the perfect spot to hit if you are into RnB and Hip-Hop genre because some residents DJ in Blowfish are regulars. Aside from RnB and Hip-Hop, regular music played by the DJ is a mix of classic disco and certainly RnB.

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Blowfish jakarta DJ
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Located in the strategic and exclusive City Plaza at Wisma Mulia Ground Floor, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, Blowfish also offers beyond nightclub experience. The spacious layout of the Blowfish can be used as a private party or product launch. The futuristic settlement of the Asian concept of Blowfish will certainly please the crowd. This sister of Dragonfly shall please the crowds with a high-tech laser lighting system and sexy dancers on the mini stage.

The regular crowds in BLOWFISH are young in their early 20’s, professionals and socialites. Therefore, the basic essential things you need to know about going to a club in Jakarta is that you need to dress up. There is a strict dress code either for men or women. For men, wear smart shoes and shirts, and for women, it is customary to wear dresses and high heels, which might be a bit of difficulty if you’d like to dance on the floor. So, dress up and be seen! The bouncers take their job seriously, if you don’t dress up according to the dress code, you might not be allowed to enter the club.

Drink and Dancing at Blowfish
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The neighboring Lounge, PURO Lounge is also part of Blowfish. If Blowfish is your go-to spot to dance on the floor, PURO Lounge offers a slightly intimate space. The neo-Gothic design creates a more chilling aura yet still maintaining the urban energy.

Go ahead to witness the Signature Programs in Blowfish such as BLOW-U every Thursday, BEAT EXPLOSION and BOUNCE every Friday, and Anthem Overload and AMPLIFY on Saturday. The operational hours of BLOWFISH are from 9 PM to 4 AM. Also keep in mind that the clubs in Jakarta can be expensive, to enjoy the night lifestyle in clubs you need to pay at least IDR 150.000 (around 14 to 15 SGD) for a cocktail to IDR 300.000 (28-29 SGD) on weekends for the entrance fee. Therefore, if you’re a heavy drinker, it might cash you out, but you can always take bottles if you come with your friends.

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Drink Lime
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If you plan to stay in Jakarta for the weekend and going nuts in BLOWFISH, you can stay in several hotels nearby. There are some mid-range hotels to the fancy ones in Gatot Subroto. Feel the urge to party already? Wait no more and those who travel to Jakarta should check out this hot spot! After a wild night of partying, plan your ticket with us to save your wallet from being wrecked! During your stay in Jakarta, you can always rent a car available all over the town to ease your mobilization in this capital city. If you also happen to own a tour or can provide travel-related stuff/services, don’t hesitate to join our growing travel marketplace!

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