Merlion Park

Singapore has never failed to amuse travelers from all over the world. The endless charm of the city has attracted tourists to visit this Asia’s most visited country. As a year-round destination, Singapore has wonderful attractions, and one of them is the Merlion in Merlion Park.

Merlion Park is the most famous icon of Singapore to visit. This signature of Singapore is an aesthetically designed statue of a lion with the body of a fish. The tale of mythical Merlion tells the story of the beginning of Singapore. In the past, Singapore was a fishing village, Temasek or “sea town” in Old Javanese, thus the body of a fish. Meanwhile, the head symbolizes its original name, Singapura means “lion city” in Malay, therefore the lion head.

Merlion Park Singapore

Merlion is located in the busy business district of Merlion Park near the historic Hotel Fullerton. It spans more than 2,000 meters square at the mouth of Singapore River to welcome visitors. The location of the park has a breathtaking view of Marina Bay Sands across the river. The statue stands almost 9 meters high, weighs around 70 tons and spouting water from its mouth!

Merlion Park Singaproe
Photo by Jay Ang on Unsplash

The construction of Merlion Park was designed in 1964, but the inauguration was done in 1972 along with the unveiling of Merlion Statue by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Since the inauguration Merlion was relocated 120 meters from its original location in 2002. The statue was moved to the completion of Esplanade Bridge in 1997 and couldn’t be seen clearly. Therefore, it was moved in 2002 and is now overlooking the beautiful Marina Bay.

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The iconic statue now has been the most crowded photo spot in Singapore, but fret not because nearby you will find baby Merlion, a smaller version of the fish lion which offers the same photo opportunity and less crowded for sure! During the night the place becomes more inspiring with city lights and skyscrapers dotting the surrounding area of Merlion. You will also find a line full of restaurants and cafes on the banks of the river, perfecting your romantic night with your loved ones.

Marina Bay Singapore
Photo by Max Felner on Unsplash

What to Do in Merlion Park

1. Snap Photos of the Merlion

Visiting Singapore is not “official” if you haven’t taken photos of the spouting water Merlion statue. During the day the place might be a wee bit crowded, but you can still take great photos. However, during the night, savor the magical ambiance of the city and take some picturesque landscape of the Merlion and the city.

2. Take a Leisure Stroll at the Park

While you’re at the Merlion Park, spend some time to enjoy the beautiful Merlion Park. During the night, the gentle breeze and romantic ambiance is something you can’t miss during your visit to Singapore. Relax, just chill and enjoy your magical surrounding.

3. Watch Light and Water Show at Marina Bay

Don’t miss out the chance to watch light and water show every night at Marina Sands Bay. You can watch it from the Merlion Park thus some people consider it Merlion Park Light Show. The show is always spectacular, so prepare your camera to take some of the most mesmerizing light shows.

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4. Explore the Walking Quest

Traveling with children can be so much fun by giving them some quest, although advisory and safety is still a must. When visiting Merlion, try to locate some things such as Ulysses by The Merlion, Merlion Park Sign, Jubilee Bridge Sign and so on. For older children, give them some clue to make it more interesting. Give your children some rewards after they found each quest and you’ve got some fulfilled family-cation!

How to Get to Merlion Park

Getting to Merlion Park is easy as it is the most popular destination in Singapore. First, you need to get a ticket to Changi International Airport. Check our site to get the best deals! You can also book hotels to provide you with the best accommodation in our site!

After you arrived in Changi, take MRT to Raffles Place station on the East West Line. Take the B exit to and go to United Overseas Bank Plaza. In the middle of the Plaza is located Fullerton Hotel and Merlion is right behind it.

Now that you’ve got all the list, it’s time to prepare your luggage and check out this site to get all the things you ever need!

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