Dieng Plateau

Indonesia has since been a major destination in Southeast Asia. This country of 17,000 islands is the biggest archipelagic country in the world. 5 major islands inhabit this vast country and each island has its own distinctive features and uniqueness to give different experiences for the tourists. Ranging from the towering active volcano, pristine beaches, rich culture of the people of Indonesia, and the beautiful landscape of highlands. Among one of the famous highlands in Indonesia, Dieng Plateau has always been on the things-to-do on the traveler’s bucket list.

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Dieng Plateau is a volcanic highland in Wonosobo, Central Java comprised of tourism sites on 2000 meters or 6.500 ft above the sea level. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Java and has been attracting many tourists all over Indonesia and all over the world.

Many tourism sites are dotting this panoramic landscape which is not only appealing for those who love natural sites but also for those who are into heritage. Dieng Plateau offers various breathtaking natural landscape and temples built on the fascinating highland. Here we have the ultimate bucket list of to-do things while staying in Dieng Plateau.

Things To Do in Dieng Plateau

1. Telaga Warna (Colorful Lake)

telaga warna dieng
Telaga Warna Dieng Plateau by Jimmy McIntyre

Telaga Warna is one of the major destinations in Dieng Plateau. It is famous for its colorful lake which can change color from green, yellow, purple and if you’re lucky, you get to see the rainbow color of the lake! This fascinating phenomenon happens as the result of the high Sulphur contained in the lake. When the sun hits the lake, its light makes the lake water turn into beautiful colors, thus, colorful lake (Telaga Warna)

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2. Telaga Pengilon (Mirror Lake)

Pengilon Lake
Pengilon Lake Photos by Midori via Wikipedia

From the name itself, Telaga Pengilon or mirror lake can be easily guessed. The name reflects its clear surface where you can see the reflection of the surrounding area. The name itself is derived from Javanese word, “pengilon” means mirror. Telaga Pengilon is located close from Telaga Warna, therefore, after you visited Telaga Warna, don’t miss out the chance to visit Telaga Pengilon and amazed by the breathtaking surrounding of forest and hills. 

3. Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater)

Kawah Sikidang is another major destination in Dieng and is located only 30 minutes from Telaga Warna. This is an open Sulphur crater where you can see bubbling mud and angry steam coming out of it. Kawah Sikidang is also surrounded by dusty and rocky landscape, making Kawah Sikidang feels like another planet. In order to enter Kawah Sikidang, you need to pay IDR 30.000, but it already includes entrance fee to Arjuna Temple

4. Arjuna Temple

arjuna temple
Photo by Mazaya Annaptashafa on Unsplash

The name Dieng means ‘abode of the Gods’, literally meaning that this place has been a sacred place for the Hindu people. On the fascinating 6.500 ft above sea level, you will find an ancient temple namely Arjuna Temple. The temples will throw you back to the past as these temples are believed to be built in the 7th century or around year 800. Arjuna Temple is located in a large park around the edge of Dieng village and is now holding the title of one of the oldest temples survived. So, if you’re a temple enthusiast, don’t miss out the chance to visit Arjuna Temple and fascinated by the ancient building on one of the most beautiful highlands in Indonesia. 

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5. Sunrise at Sikunir

Photo by Hadiwibowo on Wikipedia

Dieng Plateau offers a magnificent view on top of the hill, especially during the sunrise. One of the most popular spots to enjoy sunrise is at Sikunir Hill or Bukit Sikunir. On top of the hill, you can see a really beautiful view of the rising golden sun from behind the mountain and hills. Keep in mind that it’s cold in Dieng especially in Sikunir, therefore, proper clothes for cold weather is a must. 

6. Dieng Culture Festival

Dieng is also known for its annual festival called Dieng Cultural Festival. The festival is being held to celebrate a special ceremony called ruwatan anak gimbal or ritual for kids with dreadlocks. Dieng people believe that in order to shave a kid with dreadlocks requires a certain ritual because many children in Dieng was born with it. Aside from the sacred ritual, visitors will also be entertained by the series of events and performance such as Lantern Festival, Tumpeng Festival, culinary bazaar, traditional performance, and the famous Jazz above clouds. 

Photo by Agnes Sulistya 

Eager to spend your weekend or vacation in Dieng Plateau? Here’s the thing you need to prepare. Homes or hotels to stay while you enjoy many panoramic views of Dieng, and a car to rent to ease your mobility while traveling with your loved ones or by yourself!

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