Restaurants in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, a country with hundreds of unique histories and arts. As the capital city, Jakarta has always been the center of a busy city lifestyle as well as the center of mixed culture of all traditions in Indonesia.

Among the cultural experiences, culinary plays an important part in creating diverse nuances in different parts of the city. Ranging from traditionally authentic food, eastern taste, western culinary, all of it has created a unique culinary experience in Jakarta. Well, now, Tripcetera has the list of best restaurants in Jakarta to satisfy your taste buds.

10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta

1. Plataran Dharmawangsa

plataran dharmawangsa jakarta
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Plataran Dharmawangsa is an Indonesian restaurant located in Jalan Dharmawangsa 6, South Jakarta. Dharmawangsa offers authentic Indonesian culinary. While enjoying Indonesian delicacies, you will also be spoiled by the elegant Javanese authentic nuances of Joglo House. The spots are decorated by wood carvings, batik tiles as well as grandeur chandelier.

2. OKU

Oku restaurant - best restaurants in jakarta
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If Japanese dishes are your comfort food, Oku is the best place you can go to Jakarta. Located in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Oku is a strategic place to hang out with your loved ones. Its quality is premium of Japanese cuisine is completed with a relaxing atmosphere yet modern architecture. Grab a   or post-dinner drink in the bar to complete your night in Oku.

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3. Lara Djonggrang

lara djonggrang restaurant jakarta
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Inspired by the ancient folk in Javanese land, Lara Djonggrang offers mythical yet romantic ambiance while dining in here. Lara Djonggrang serves traditional meals by the Imperium. While having the food of your life, you may enjoy the grand statue of Lara Djonggrang, ancient artifact in an authentic Dutch-colonial era mansion. One of the signature dishes of Lara Djonggrang restaurant is Pasar Nelayan Kampung Tugu, a large plate looking like a ship with seafood platter on it.

4. Amuz Gourmet Restaurant

Amuz Gourmet Restaurant
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Amuz Gourmet will amuse your taste buds with selected French dishes led by Chef Gilles Marx. This fine dining restaurant is located in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), yet it is positioned in a corner on the second floor, away from the hustle bustle of the street of Sudirman.

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Parisian ambiance can be seen everywhere, making it the perfect spot to have a romantic dinner with your significant other. The menus are always changing, but for the four-course set menu, the opening dishes include choux pastry, followed by escargot, main dishes ranging from grilled Wagyu steak or duck, and desserts.

5. VIEW Restaurant and Bar

VIEW Restaurant and Bar is taking a place at 22 floors above Jakarta ground in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta Pusat. This place combines European cuisine with Asian touch led by Chef Hans.

jakarta restaurant - best restaurants in jakarta
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

The chef also prepares a tasting set to sample, enabling guests to get the Chef’s Point of View. Modern architecture as well as the view of Jakarta from up there is surely worth your visit especially during the night to enjoy the city from a different view. Enjoy the spectacular view with a collection of wine and cocktails.

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6. Bunga Rampai Restaurant

Bunga Rampai restaurant Jakarta
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Bunga Rampai is well known for its epic colonial Dutch architecture. Every corner of the building is adorned with a homey rustic feel and elegant decorations. Expatriates, as well as ambassadorial gatherings, are usually taking this place as the first option. Even though Bunga Rampai has a Dutch atmosphere, the cuisines served are traditional meals of Indonesia, making it a unique dining experience.

7. Namaaz

Namaaz Jakarta
Credit Image : @fannyajah on Instagram

If trying gastronomic dining is in your bucket list, then Namaaz is the perfect spot to start. Located in Jalan Gunawarman, Kbayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Namaaz is the first molecular gastronomy dining in town. The theme of this place is a modern setting with easy, fun-dining ambiance. What makes this place more special is that the Chef Andrian Ishak will go around as he prepares his unique creations right in front of the guests at their tables. The menus will surprise the guests as it doesn’t look anything like it. For example, a dessert called “pencuci mulut” (literally means mouthwash) will look like soap, complete with foam which is actually almond biscuit and white chocolate!

8. SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel

SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel
Image by monicore from Pixabay 

SATOO is one of the five restaurants in Shangri-La Hotel and. It has been serving Asian and international cuisines and is one of the prominent restaurants in Jakarta. This best restaurants in jakarta offers a wide variety of salads, sushi, grills, dessert even jamu or Indonesian herbal drink. You will get a unique experience for its interactive open kitchen, perfect for family time in Jakarta.

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9. SKYE Bar and Restaurant

SKYE Bar and Restaurant - best restaurants in jakarta
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SKYE bar offers a different view of Jakarta, located in Menara BCA on the 56th floor, Thamrin. The concept of SKYE is Bistro during the day and lounge during the night. There is a formal dress code to enjoy this bar, but the view of Jakarta from the top is surely worth it. Dishes such as Beef Short Rib, Tuna Feuilette or Crispy Shrimp could be enjoyed indoor or outdoor and all are so worth it, that’s why Sky received the award for Restaurant of the Year by Zomato.

10. Oasis Restaurant

Oasis Restaurant Jakarta
Credit Image : @patrishiela on Instagram

Oasis Restaurant is a legend in Jakarta and is established since 1968. Colonial-Dutch building is the prominent look of this restaurant’s setting, and spots are decorated with art objects from all over Indonesia. Dining in Oasis will get you to taste the famous Indonesian rijstaffel as well as European cuisines.

Enjoy The 10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta and get your best hotel in Jakarta right away!

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