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Batam has never ceased to amuse travelers from many parts of the world. The citizens of neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia have been flocking back and forth via ferry or airplane to Batam due to its endless entertainment across the islands. Batam is part of the Riau Archipelago, an outer area of Indonesia across Singapore and Malaysia.

Batam has been popular for many things like shopping centers, spa, and massages. Aside from the urban entertainment, Batam is also known for its lovely natural view like beaches. Tripcetera has made the best beaches in Batam especially for you!

Best Beaches in Batam

1. Nongsa Beach 

nongsa beach batam
Photo by Matt on Unsplash

Nongsa Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Batam. Nongsa is located next to Turi Beach and popular for watersports as well as relaxing surroundings. Due to its location protected by a bay, Nongsa Beach is secluded and pretty quiet, even when Nongsa is said to be one of the most visited beaches in Batam.

There are many activities you can do in Nongsa with your friends and family. Visiting Nongsa Beach means leisure time for swimming as there is almost no wave due to its protected area. Relaxing and lounging are always a must-do in Nongsa. Its white sandy beach combined with iconic sunsets will make your traveling to Nongsa worth everything!

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2. Marina Beach

marina beach batam
Credit Image : @iqbalnugraha on Instagram

Marina Beach has established its name as one of the most famous resort destinations in Batam. Marina Beach is perfect for those coming with family and little children for its complete facilities and beautiful view.

The beach is surrounded by greenery, gardens, and a dock for the ferries coming to Marina. Kids will be happy at Marina Beach as kids could play freely in the garden. See-saw, sliding, and more games are available at Marina. Marina Beach also embodies the tropical vibe with its swinging palm trees and white sands. There are types of hotels available from the luxury kind of resort to the more affordable ones. 

3. Vio Vio Beach

vio vio beach batam
Photo by Kevin Wenning on Unsplash

Amidst the ceaseless development of Batam, Vio Vio Beach has managed to keep its natural setting. Located in Pulau Galang (Galang Island), 50 kilometers from the center of the city, Vio Vio offers a real natural view of the beach with a long coastline. There are always plenty of spaces for everyone visiting Vio Vio.

People could enjoy plenty of activities like swimming, lounging, or sunbathing. One special feature about Vio Vio Beach is its location near the mangrove forest, therefore, people could enjoy walking through the greenery forest and greeted by the beautiful view of the sea. 

4. Turi Beach

turi beach batam
Credit Image : @sreenathnileshwaram on Instagram

Turi Beach is actually a private property managed by Turi Resort. This hidden beach is available for you when you book a reservation at Turi Beach Resort and every penny is definitely worth it. Once you enter the beach area, you will be greeted by a white sandy beach under your feet.

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There are lots of activities you can do on the beach –  playing volleyball, swimming in the pool by the sea, watersports, cycling and many more. To make it more dramatic for a romantic event, there is also a 200 meters long deck that makes you feel like floating upon the sea. Staying in Turi Beach Resort also gives you an unforgettable experience of premium services

5. Ocarina Beach

ocarina beach batam
Photo by Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash

Ocarina Beach might be one of the newest attractions in Batam, as the place opened in 2009. This isn’t your usual beach for Ocarina Beach has been developed into mega tourism destination called Ocarina Park.

Ocarina Park covers 40 hectares of area with an amusement park and a  beach area. The location of the amusement park near the beach has made this place suitable for all ages. When traveling with family you get many kinds of attractions with dozens of rides as well as beach view!

6. Bale Bale Beach

bale bale beach
Photo by Mohsen Ben Cheikh on Unsplash

Bale Bale Beach is the perfect destination for those who are into adrenalin-pumping activities. Watersports of any kind are waiting to be tried by the visitors, not only by adults but for kids as well. The activities are ranging from canoe, surfboard, banana boat and flying fox for kids.

Aside from the water activities, those who are coming here are welcomed by the exquisite view of natural surroundings, mangrove forest, or some spots designed to take pictures. After enjoying activities on the beach, relax in one of the gazebos while watching the sunset with your loved ones.

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7. Melur Beach

melur beach batam
Credit Image : @latifasepti on Instagram

Situated on the western side of Galang Island, Melur Beach has always managed to win the people’s hearts. The lovely setting of the beach is adorned by a long coastline with white sands under your feet and upon the sandy beach are swinging palm trees. This beach is located on the V area of the iconic Barelang Bridge.

Range of activities is available at Melur Beach such as swimming, sailing, banana boating, and many more. Swimming at Melur will give you a different experience for the contour enables you to swim as far as 500 meters with clear water, unlike any other beaches in Batam or anywhere else around the world!

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