Natuna Islands

If you curious about where the island sits on global map, the Natuna Regency itself is an archipelago of 272 islands. The chains of islands is accessible from batam island Hang nadim Airport by 45 minutes by flight. Adjacent to the international waters of Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia, Natuna is very popular among yachting communities and world renown divers.

Natuna’s waters are previously exclusive to the rich and famous who seek serenity and the joy of seafaring. If you are looking for a blissful escape and a quiet peace, then Natuna island has a myriad of tourism potential.

The name of the islands comes from the word “Natunae” in Dutch words. During the Dutch colonial era, the early yachter, often implies how charming and heavenly the landscape of this island is. The depiction of Natuna may rival the Caribbean waters.

Best of Natuna Islands Indonesia

1. Alif Stone Park

alif stone park Natuna Island
Photo by @diwdiw via Instagram

Regarded as the number one spot for eco-tourism in Riau island archipelago, the icon of this area is a natural and living museum with thousands of colourful megalith stones namely the Alif Stone Park. The landscape is also decorated with aqua marine clarity of the beach. The charm of this cluster of granite scattered along the coast will make your vacation a wonderful time to remember. The Alif Stone Park comes from the presence of the stones that stood upright like an alif character in Arabic script in the middle of the sea. A stunning sight!

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2. Mount Gundul

gunung gundul natuna
Credit Image : @nchlsmrco on Instagram

You would also admire the Natuna’s green landscape from the highlands. Considered as a safe trail for beginner, as you hike on a trail to the top of Mount Gundul, you can immediately feel the typical breeze of the mountains. There is also gazebos along the route that may soothe your hiking fatigue. This area is also popular with the local Scout camps, you may confirm that it is the finest site for a picnic lunch or a light snacks.

3. Pengadah Mangrove Forest

pengadah mangrove forest
Credit Image : @inuy21 on Instagram

If you like river activities with the backdrop of mangrove forests, visiting the Pengadah mangrove area of Natuna is definitely a treat not to be missed. This mangrove area is also the sanctuary for local ecosystem and a conservation site that allows tourist to practice and experience how to plant the mangrove. Noted as an instagramable spot also makes Pengadah Mangrove Forest an ideal spot that may envy your friend and families back home.

3. Batu Kasah Beach

batu kasah beach Natuna Island
Photo by @janetdyahekawati via Instagram

Batu Kasah Beach or also called Cemaga Beach is often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Natuna. The beach is overgrown with rows of coconut trees and the amazing array of colourful granite rocks. You can sit, hunt for critters, and relax on the beach that stretch for 5 kilometres of white sand. The clear sea water is also an ideal destination for just swimming, snorkeling or diving. Don’t forget to keep the Batu Kasah Beach clean and natural.

5. Sahi Beach

This beach is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Natuna Islands. The distance is about 25 kilometers from the downtown Ranai Regency, so you can access this beach by motorbike for less than one hour. There are beach landmarks that make it unique, namely the stone island in the middle of the sea. During a low tide, you may actually walk to the island. This beach offers exciting water play activities, a perfect site to take your drone and action camera!.

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6. Sisi Beach

The sparkling white sand beach makes Sisi Beach worthy of your holiday visits. As you travel by sea for 10-12 hours, the effort will be paid off as you set foot on this beach. Because, you will be spoiled with charming scenery and the authenticity of tours that are still not too touched by mainstream tourists.

7. Tanjung Beach

Tanjung Beach is also known as a eco-tourism spot. The exotic underwater panorama with the backdrop of Mount Ranai, will make you appreciate the landscape as is. If you want to have some quiet time to yourself and read your favourite books or to leisurely work on your next masterpiece, you may want to rent a small huts nearby to relax while enjoying the breeze of this beach.

8. Buton Bay Beach

Complete your weekend at Buton Bay Beach for its underwater beauty.This beach is always crowded by domestic and foreign tourists for a dip of natural wonder. Do not forget to bring your sunblock and snorkelling gear.

9. Senoa Island

pulau senoa natuna
Credit Image : @@megs_tanjak on Instagram

If you are an avid fan of critters and snorkeling activities, you might want to sail on Senoa Island. This choice is ideal because the island has very clear waters and an enchanting coral reef. The local folklore about this island of beauty implies that the Senoa island means a woman with two bodies. The alluring name of the island comes from the shape of Senoa Island which resemblance a pregnant woman. Don’t take our word for it, you may want to prove it yourself!

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10. Tiga Island

Foodies will drolls over the seafood menu of Tiga Island. The island offer local hospitality of charming natural scenery and its fresh seafood!. In Pulau Tiga, you can also smell of authentic clove plantation and arrays of rubber trees. In addition, the island is also inhabited by the friendly Natuna people who welcomes you with their humble smile and their coastal livelihood.

11. Tanjung Senubing

Tanjung senubing Natuna Island
Photo by @ikhwan_b29 via Instagram

Tanjung Senubing is a hilly beach which is the best location for watching sunrise and sunset. The beach in this area is also surrounded by hundreds of giant granite rocks such as the beaches of Belitung. The uniqueness of the rocks here is because of the fertile overgrown vines so that it gives rise to a more exotic impression. In fact, there is a giant stone the size of a five-story building and a typical icon of this beach. The distance not far from the city center of Ranai also makes Tanjung Senubing an easily accessible vacation spot on the Natuna Islands.

12. Gunung Ranai Waterfall

Credit Image : @disparbud_natuna on Instagram

Did you know that Natuna also have the biggest and the most wonderful power spot in Riau island?Introducing the Mount Ranai Waterfall. Dip into this freshwater waterfall and absorbs all the energy. For lovers of adventure, Gunung Ranai Waterfall must be included in the itinerary.

However, there is a catch. You need to hike through the narrow hills and narrow road before truly enjoying this natural paradise. This virgin waterfall will pay for your fatigue with the soothing sound of the gurgling water.

Well, don’t wait any longer for a vacation to the Natuna Islands. It is proven that this area deserves to be the National GeoPark Park. Put Natuna on your MUST VISIT bucket list and find the interesting Natuna tour package via today!.

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