Thailand has many things to offer. Aside from its capital city Bangkok, there is one particular island that surprises many people with its rich culture, natural beauty attractions, historical places, and authentic temples, called Phuket.

As the biggest island in Thailand, its no wonder that Phuket has been in most traveler’s bucket list to tick off. Located at the west off Thailand’s coast in the Andaman Sea, its weather consists of the rainy season from May to October, and sunny season from November to April approximately.

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Big Buddha of Phuket

You can’t miss seeing the giant Buddha Statue that stands over 45 meters and 25 meters in wide. This iconic Buddha statue is built out of marble and situated at the Nakkerd hilltop. This site is a landmark and a religious place for the Buddhist people in Thailand. Therefore, it is advised that you wear proper clothing. If you happen to wear something above the knee, you will be required to wear sarong provided in the area.

Big Buddha of Phuket
Photo by Wesley van ‘t Hart on Unsplash

Karon View Point

Karon Viewpoint is located south of Kata Noi Beach. It looks out into the Andaman Sea and makes an epic scenery of the vast ocean, white sandy beaches, and the exotic Koh Pu island as well as the Phuket Hillside. Once you reach the viewpoint, you get to see 3 beaches surrounding Phuket such as the Kata Noi Beach, Patong, and the Karon Beach itself. There is also a parking lot on the area, restrooms and street vendor selling jewelry made of seashell and stones.

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Karon View Point
Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Learn to Cook Thai Food

Ever tried that famous savory Thai Tom Yum? Where is the best place to learn Thai food than in its home country? There are many places where you can learn from the authentic Thai Chef serving Pad Thai, your favorite Tom Yum, or the one with Royal Thai cuisine specialist. Phuket is dotted with various cooking classes and you can easily arrange the one that is suitable for you or your budget.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

As the national animal of Thailand, elephants are being taken care of, to be protected from animal cruelty. The sanctuary offers a home for those elephants in need. Those who truly love animals would love to see and learn all about elephants. It truly is heart-warming to watch the animals being properly taken care of. Thus, there will be no shows or tourist activities to do with elephants.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary
Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

Phang Nga Bay

Exploring Phang Nga Bay can be one of those lifetime experiences, for Phang Nga Bay is home to 40 small islands. This place offers a wide range of activities such as canoeing, private cruise, and many more. Relish in the natural beauty of lagoons, caves, and mangroves. Its location is protected naturally and make you worry-free from bad weather.

Photo by Andrzej Suwara on Unsplash

Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Show is the perfect spot if you enjoy a burlesque show of the famous ladyboys of Thailand. Located in Patong – where it is home to the best cabaret shows, each talent of Simon Cabaret Show will entertain you with various performances. Singing, dancing, all in glitzy outfits to satisfy the crowds.

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Wat Chalong

Chalong Temple or known locally as Wat Chalong was built during the 19th century and now has become the most visited temple in Phuket. The building holds an iconic stupa sheltering the fragment of bone from Buddha. The insides are beautifully carved with paintings of Buddha’s Life. Don’t forget to reach a terrace where you can see a scenic view of the whole place. For this place is sacred for the locals, you need to dress properly to enter the area.

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Phuket Old Town

Sink in the ambiance of old times by exploring the Phuket Old Town. Unlike many places in Thailand, this place is a historical landmark where you can cherish the preserved ‘shophouses’, tiny printing shops, museums, and a lot of temples and shrines. Once you’re in Old Town, don’t miss out the chance to shop at Amulets Market or spend a day learning in Sino-Colonial mansion of Baan Chinpracha.


Those who are into diving, Phuket must be in the list to tick off. Coral Island can be the start to explore a real-life wreck. Or you can do island-hopping to enjoy several diving spots. Some said that wherever you go, guaranteed you won’t be disappointed for Phuket has the best diving spots in Thailand and is best in the world.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


You will be delighted with Phuket’s popular attraction, the Fantasea. The island’s biggest show will be adorned with an extravagant theme. The attraction will show trapeze artists, carnival games, and many more. There are also shopping spots and the biggest buffets in Asia. Everything seems like an endless party with bright ornaments and wacky decorations to impress the audiences.

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