Pahawang Island

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia which consists of more than 17,000 islands. Stretching over a million kilometers square, this country has been famous for the massive amounts of major islands and small islands. Located between Asia and Australia continents, and positioned between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean has made this country rich with diverse landscapes across the nation. From west to east Indonesia has various and wonderous nature ranging from mountains, highlands, savannah, and beaches, and small islands dotting the country waiting to be explored.

pahawang island
pahawang island

Indonesia has 5 major islands: Sumatra, Java, Borneo or Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua with small to medium islands inhabits in between those big islands. Among one of those islands, lies a truly hidden paradise named Pahawang Islands. Pahawang is an island located in District of Punduh Padada, Pasawaran, South Lampung, Sumatra. Just across one of the main islands of Sumatra, Pahawang might not be as famous as Gili Islands across Bali Island, but it surely hides potential beauty. Pahawang Island is divided into 2, Pahawang Besar or Big Pahawang and Pahawang Kecil or Small Pahawang. 

pahawang island
Image by Dewa Aji from Pixabay 

Pahawang has been said to be the paradise for snorkels. There haven’t been as many people in Gili or Belitung or Menjangan in Pahawang Island, therefore the beauty of this island can be truly yours. In Pahawang Island, you could see the panoramic view of lush green hills resting on a white sandy beach with clear turquoise water. The sight on the island itself is more than enough to amaze tourists from all over the world. However, the lovely view doesn’t stop there, the ultimate view will be the underwater life.

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snorkeling in pahawang island
Photo by Maja Novak on Unsplash

Pahawang Island has been fascinating snorkelers with colorful coral reefs, various school of fish that can be seen clearly beneath the crystal water. If you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, prepared to be surprised by the many clown fishes you can find around the water of Pahawang Island, for this island is also known as one of the breeding sites for clownfish, named Taman Nemo or Nemo Park! Imagine yourself snorkeling underneath crystal water accompanied by colorful fishes swimming around freely! Then once you get out of the water, you will be greeted by the far-reaching view of lush hills. If you don’t really fancy snorkeling, you can also swim on the beach or just chill yourself out till sunset. With not so many people around, you can enjoy the island to your heart’s content. 

Nemo fish in pahawang island
Photo by wembley on Unsplash

Since there are two Pahawang, the most popular place to stay while vacationing in Pahawang is the Pahawang Besar. Pahawang Besar is inhabited by approximately 900 to 1000 families and it has the most facilities such as homestays, clinic, and school. You can also cross to Pahawang Kecil, which only takes around 10 minutes from Pahawang Besar. In Pahawang Kecil, there is a natural bridge called Tanjung Putus that connects to Tanjung Putus Island. Magically, you can only cross to Tanjung Putus during low tide because, during high tide, the bridge will be drowned underwater. 

While staying in Pahawang Besar, you can get around the island by renting a motorcycle or on foot. You will only need 30 minutes to travel around the island by motorcycle. While in Pahawang Kecil, just travel around on foot and enjoy the beauty of this island. 

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How to Get to Pahawang Island 

Getting to Pahawang Island is relatively easy. If you’re traveling from Jakarta, you can get to Pahawang Island by plane. Take a flight from Jakarta to Radin Inten II Airport in Bandar Lampung. Once you arrive in Bandar Lampung, rent a car to reach the beach in Klara subdistrict in Pesawaran District that will take around 70 to 90 minutes. This beach is the point where you can rent a boat to cross to Pahawang Island. Another alternative going to Pahawang Island is by ferry. If you’re traveling from Jakarta, you can go to Pahawang by boat from Merak Harbor. From Merak Harbor, take a ferry to Bakauheni Harbor in Lampung Province. From Bakauheni, you can take public transportation or rent a car to get to Dermaga Ketapang in Pesawaran that will take approximately 3 hours ride. In Dermaga Ketapang, rent a boat to go to Pahawang Besar, the boat ride will take 20 to 30 minutes. 

Where to Stay

Accommodations are mainly placed in Pahawang Besar. There 3 main villages as the main locations for accommodations, Pagetahan, Jelarangan, and Cukuh Nyai. There are villas and 50 homestays where you can stay.

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