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Canggu is a district in the north part of Kuta Regency in Bali and now has become a prominent destination alongside Kuta and Seminyak. Located only 18 kilometers away from the capital city of Bali, Denpasar, Canggu can be reached in 45 minutes by car from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

If you take a tour from Kuta Beach, it will take only 20 minutes to reach Krobokan Village. Canggu is also strategically located 25 minutes north of Seminyak and halfway to Tanah Lot. To get the best experience and a convenient trip, book yourself a car to get around in Canggu.

Famous for its beaches all around the world, Canggu has recently been ranked 39 by CNN in 100 World’s Best Beaches in 2018. This place offers black sand beaches and adventurous experiences, especially for the surfers.

The waves are ranging from easy to serious breaks, making it suitable for beginners and professionals. These various waves are qualified enough that in 2004, Canggu Beach hosted the Indonesian Surfing Championship (ISC).

About Canggu Beach

The scenes in Canggu are breathtaking with a pristine long coastline and aside from the awe-inspiring sea scenery, the other sides of the beach are providing tourists with green and lush paddy fields. Adding more convenience, Canggu district is dotted with hotels, villas, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and clubs with the tropical theme.

If you plan to get your work done while vacationing, not to worry because co-working spaces are available all over the district.

Combining blue and green in one spot is truly a remarkable journey to Canggu Beach. There are at least five district beaches with its own unique characters and scenery to beach-hopping to your heart’s content.

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1. Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach
Photo by Rio Lecatompessy on Unsplash

Berawa Beach is the closest to Seminyak and is famous for the surfers. The waves are strong, perfect for surfing but not very suitable for swimming. Its feature is dark grey sandy beach and lagoon along the coastline.

Those who are really not into surfing, they can enjoy the wooden bridge to enjoy the sunset with cold beers or other drinks sold cheaply by vendors nearby.

2. Nelayan Beach

Nelayan Beach
Photo by Ghiffar Ridhwan on Unsplash

Nelayan Beach, taken from its name is a fisherman’s (nelayan) landing coast. In this beach, you can enjoy less crowded spots to enjoy the sunset, although this place isn’t very suitable for surfing. Even though this beach is a fisherman’s spot, you can still find luxurious villas to relax.

3. Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong is another surfing spot in Bali close to Kuta beach. It is a new attraction 30 minutes away from Kuta, and is gaining more visitors every year. Similar to the previous beaches in Canggu, the sand in Batu Bolong is dark greyish.

Batu Bolong Beach
Photo by Nick Mattia on Unsplash

The waves are perfect for surfing yet slow enough for those who want to learn. Batu Bolong Beach has a  resemblance to Tanah Lot temple, where there is a presence of Hindu temple on the shores and formation of rocks along the coastline.

4. Echo Beach (Pantai Batu Mejan)

Echo Beach
Photo by Julian Vinci on Unsplash

Echo Beach or used to be known as Pantai Batu Mejan shares scenery rice fields landscape with other beaches in Canggu. Echo has been known as a place to wave-riding for the advanced surfers, sunset on the Indian Ocean, and its cleanliness.

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The beach is also available for swimming but please take in mind that the currents are quite strong therefore supervision for children is a must. Another feature of this beach is its advanced reef breaks and delicious seafood café lining on a high vantage point so that visitors may enjoy a wide view of the beach.

Sunset dining is exceptionally marvelous with serene ambience through the night.

5. Pererenan Beach and Seseh Beach

Pererenan and Seseh Beach can’t be separated. They are two adjoining beaches separated by rivulets from rice fields.

The prominent features of these beaches are horse riding and surfing. In order to get to Pererenan and Seseh beach, there are three roads you can take leading to Pererenan and Seseh Beach.

Pererenan Beach
Photo by Thomas Ashlock on Unsplash

Jalan Pantai Pererenan (Pererenan Beach Street) leads to Pererenan Beach, and Jalan Raya Seseh (Seseh Street) leads to Seseh Beach and Jalan Babadan (Babadan Street) in between the two beaches. For the best scenic view of rice fields, take Jalan Raya Seseh where you can see lush green fields on both sides.

As the center of surfing, there is Seseh Surf Community to hold local surf competition and  raising environmental awareness among the youth.

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