The curriculum plays an essential part in the education of students to have good performance and achievement. In this case, choosing a school based on its curriculum can be the ideal answer to getting a high-quality education. One that you can select is Global Sevilla International School Jakarta. What is the reason? Is it essential to use it? Find the answer as follows.

Reasons International Schools Are Better Than Regular School Curriculum

1. International Standards Used Worldwide

Global Sevilla uses a Cambridge-based curriculum to teach its students. With this in mind, all aspects of this curriculum are based on an international perspective – subjects, assessments, and school programs. But will it have a significant impact on Indonesia? In fact, the regular curriculum or the national curriculum is still undergoing development.

The current curriculum implemented in Indonesia is not a wrong approach. However, if it is taught to students with increasingly sophisticated times, then international standards are needed. That is why Global Sevilla implements Cambridge International curricula such as IEYC and IPC to be taught at all levels of school education.

2. Have a Broad Approach

One thing that makes International school Jakarta better than traditional schools is user influence. Many schools use the Cambridge International curriculum to share new insights and ideas. At the same time, the use of English is mandatory. It provides an opportunity for teachers and students to have good language skills.

3. International Recognition

Benefits for Global Sevilla students come in the form of good praise. Because students can study international standards, overcome difficulties, and finally pass the exam with ease. As a result, they get better recognition in the international community’s eyes. Through international schools, they prove that they deserve to study around the world.

4. Balanced Academic Achievement and Positive Character Building

While the curriculum and regular schools only focus on good academic results, Global Sevilla international school Jakarta believes in character building. In this case, the school implements several effective programs, such as mindfulness, to balance students’ emotions. At the same time, schools are also able to develop students’ interests, skills, strengths, and learning abilities.

All in all, international schools have a better approach than regular schools. At some point, the international curriculum became one of the best methods for teaching students. For these reasons, Global Sevilla uses an international standard curriculum as the primary approach in teaching students. This curriculum not only focuses on academics but also develops students’ attitudes.

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