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Bandung has been one of the favorite places to visit during the holiday season. The cool and breezy weather of Bandung is the place people are looking for to spend their holiday or just escape during the weekend from the bustling cities nearby such as Jakarta. Situated on the hilly part of Java Island, Bandung town offers a cool atmosphere. Not only that, Bandung has been preserving its history all over the city. In Bandung, you can see those old buildings are turned into public facilities or museums, giving you the old times ambiance and a good time for strolling the city while enjoying breezy.

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Aside from the city attraction, Bandung has also many natural attractions in the north as well as the south of the city. One of the famous places worth your visit is Patenggang Lake or Situ Patenggang in Sundanese. Located only an hour drive from the city, Patenggang Lake has a breathtaking panoramic view of a lake surrounded by rolling hills and tea plantations. It is also located near one of the famous glamping spots in Bandung, Lakeside Rancabali. On the eastern side of the lake, you can see a hazy forest which is semi-covered by fog, while on the western side to the south you can see lush green hills of tea plantation. 

Patenggang Lake Bandung
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The site is very popular due to its breathtaking view and the weather. On the lakeside, there is also a huge pinisi ship restaurant (Pinisi Resto) which is part of the resort included in the glamping facilities. On the ship, you can take Instagram-able pictures on this very lovely location. Try to view the lake from the upper deck and while tasting the famous Sundanese food or Padang. While you’re on the upper deck, don’t miss out the chance to take the famous “Titanic” photoshoot on the deck! Near the boat-like restaurant, there are resorts that offer plenty of activities for your family.

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The lake spans for more than 40,000 hectares of land and water. While you are there, try a boat ride to cruise the lake. Take your loved ones and cross the lake to reach Batu Cinta (Love Rock), a very small island in the middle of the lake. This island is well-known for its legend of seeking true love. The name Patenggang itself some people believed might be derived from pateang-teang which means looking for each other. The legend told the story of Raden Santang and Dewi Rengganis, two lovers who are separated for a long time. They eventually met and found each other in Love Rock. Those who go to the lake and circle the small island is believed to have everlasting love. Visiting Patenggang Lake can also be fun with your family because you get to enjoy a magnificent view and your kids can play pirate on the ship!

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Visiting Patenggang Lake is usually combined with visiting Kawah Putih, a volcanic crater lake located only 7 kilometers from Patenggang Lake. From Bandung, you can rent a car for a day along with the driver to take you to Kawah Putih, then to Patenggang Lake to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner on the Pinisi Resto. You can visit Situ Patenggang all year round as Indonesia only has 2 seasons, dry and rainy. Whichever season you choose to visit Situ Patenggang, this place will be as stunning. However, it is recommended that you visit on the dry season to avoid cloudy and rainy day and to get your best atmosphere for great pictures. If you don’t plan on having dinner on the ship, bring your own picnic lunch as you can spend a lot of time in this area enjoying the view. 

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Things You Need to Know about Patenggang Lake

Upon entering Situ Patenggang, you need to pay for the entrance fee and the vehicle, and the price is different for locals and foreigners. Avoid visiting on the weekend as the price might go up. To reach the lakeside, you need to walk through the vendors and people will offer you a boat ride, but try to bargain before accepting. If you plan to visit Bandung anytime soon, no need to worry because this town is vastly recognized as one of the big cities in Indonesia.

You can book a flight to Husein Sastranegara International Airport, or if you’re traveling from Jakarta, you can always ride a train that will only take a few hours.

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