Mentawai Islands areare known for its warm tropical weather and coastal breaks that are ideal for year-long of surfing. If you are planning your next holiday to Mentawai Island of Indonesia, read thru this article and get the insights of what to expect.

How to get to Mentawai Island?

Perhaps you have been studying long enough to prepare your itinerary to Mentawai, yet still have the anxiety of how to actually get there. By building your own itinerary and having a well prepared plan with, you can get to see and do more with affordable cost. In case you are still wondering about tips on preparing your trip to Indonesia or any places around the world, you can find related article here:

Having a well prepared itinerary of multi-days visit or be flexible by taking car rental with driver will actually save you the time and effort to enjoy a memorable experience in this small patch of paradise on earth.

Situated on the tropical equatorial line of West Sumatra Provinces, Mentawai Islands are actually a unique chain of land facing the Indian Ocean. The Mentawai Islands are comprised of 4 main islands, namely: Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai, and South Pagai. Siberut Island is one of the closest islands that you can visit within 3 hours of a ferry journey. You are going to experience the cleanest air that you will ever breathe as you step on the beach of Siberut Island.

To get to the Siberut Island or any island on the of Mentawai isles, you need to start from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra province. The distance between the mainland of Sumatra and Mentawai Islands can be reached by multiple types of transport. First, you can take a domestic flight or transport from Jakarta city, Batam city, and Medan city. Alternatively, you can also book international flights from Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

If you do consider Batam as the transit hub to Padang city, you might also want to check out the accommodations that are available near the airport and the ferry terminals. The Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore is also connected with ferry line to the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal in Batam. Nongsapura is considered as the best area to stay in, as it is near both the ferry terminal and Hang Nadim Airport. Be advised that advance booking and confirmation of visit are compulsory as some of the accommodations offer pick-up and drop-off services.

Feel free to choose your accommodation near the Hang Nadim Airport and Nongsapura Ferry terminal in Batam Tripcetera’s partner host to offer a clean and affordable stay during your transit in Batam, starts from SS17++. If you do opt for a more exclusive stay during your transit, Tripcetera also has various type of villas and sea view chalet that starts from S$90++.

Secondly, as you arrive in Padang City, you need to take land transport from the airport to the nearest port that serves flights or ferry to Mentawai. If you opt for a free and easy way to get there, you can simply book a car rental with designated driver services to pick you up on the Minangkabau International Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau, (IATA: PDG, ICAO: WIEE). Be advised that car-hailing platforms thru app are not available here. You can either book in advance with Tripcetera and confirm your date of pick up or you can spend more time negotiating on taxi counters that can be found at the airport. The car rental with designated driver can be considered a cheaper option due to its nature of openly described terms and conditions.

Thirdly, you can also purchase a complete tour package to see and experience the life and the culture of the native Mentawai people that you can find in this link. The package contains a multi-day tour itinerary that can be enjoyed by everyone. Multi-days tour packages in Tripcetera can be considered a cheaper option than a separate booking for hotels and accommodation, especially when you are traveling in a group of 5 or more. Feel free to find package to Mentawai that may suit your preference here.

The seemingly familiar landscape of ricefields and open skies can be found along the route towards the ports on the western shoreline of Sumatra. You can also book a home stay separately in this area and take a day or two to live like the locals.

What you can expect on your trip to Mentawai Islands?

When setting a budget for travel, most of us want to feel special and expect to receive a certain standard of hospitality that our money can afford. Having a well-prepared itinerary of multi-days visit or be flexible by taking car rentals with driver will actually save you the time and effort to enjoy a memorable experience in this small patch of paradise on earth.

Each car rental listings have their own terms and conditions. Be sure to read it thru and find the one that suits you best.

It is undeniable that the main attraction for tourists to visit these islands is the world-class surfing waves and water activities. Mentawai Islands and especially the Siberut Island is blessed with one of the best surfing conditions in the world, thanks to its constant and predictable swells that are highly appraised by the surfer communities. No wonder that it is a common sight to meet pro surfer with their team documenting the action on the islands. The scenic sea view surrounding the islands are also ideal for snorkelling, deep sea diving ands other attractive activities.

As the road to the western shoreline of West Sumatra Province took about 4 hours of the land trip, why don’t you take the chance to stop at a roadside destination that can lift up your spirit? Tripcetera’s host in Padang city offers selections of multi-days visit in Padang city, while car rental with driver services will allow you to take a brief stop on a roadside attraction that can surely flood your Instagram feed. Alternatively, you may also take the tour package around the mainland of West Sumatra on your way back from Mentawai Islands instead.

Mentawai Island offer a beautiful treat as it is a long way from the fast paced influence of modern culture and busy traffic of Indonesia’s developing cities. The chain of island is inhabited by the native people of Mentawai. As a eco-tourism destination, tourist may feel enchanted by the beauty and the fragility of its nature. The remote location of these islands also means that the native Mentawai people have a little influence and cultural ties with the rest of Sumatera’s long line of cultural history. You can see for yourself that the Mentawai archipelago is only approachable in the 20th century by booking the 4D3N MENTAWAI TRIBE FOR 1- 5 PERSON.

Siberut Island itself is a preserved and protected island that is a part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.  You can experience not only the surfing scene at the shoreline but also the unique culture of the Mentawai people. If you do have an extra week on your holiday trip, you may opt for the bushes and jungle trekking adventure with the package that we offer. You can also take the time to discover not only Siberut Island as the main attraction but also the trip to other place of interest in Western Sumatra province as well.

Today, the Mentawai tribespeople hold their identity dearly by traditional living practices. The tribespeople of Mentawai live by foraging the land and you will have the chance to join their quest as provided by the tour itinerary. Their communities hunt and gather foods off the land while keeping their surrounding clean and preserved.

The Mentawai tribes also are known to hunt for wildfowl, boar, and fish for their protein intake. By keeping the foraging and local tradition alive, the village and good people of Mentawai offer an unforgettable experience and the sight of spiritual engagement with the forest – a belief system that is a long way from the world of materialism – is a contrary sight with any destination in Indonesia.

For some, to experience the pristine environment with decent amenities is already a dream encounter. You can certainly plan your trip and expect such experience in Mentawai Islands. You can have a glimpse on how to live like the locals by bathing in the river or simply join them foraging and walking through the jungle path, as the tour guide translate your communication with the locals. The package is totally recommended for eco-tourism and culture aficionados.

Be advised that Etcetera vouchers are subject to availability, so you definitely need to confirm your visit thru the provided contacts.

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