Known as the capital city of Riau islands province, the classical history of Tanjung Pinang city can be traced to the early 3rd century when it flourished as a trading post on the India–China trade route under the Srivijaya empire. In the 18th century, it was the capital of the Johor–Riau–Lingga Empire. Over the course of time, Tanjung Pinang became a strategic outpost by the many powerful rulers from Sumatra, China, Malacca, the Netherlands, Britain, and Japan. These cultural mixes influence the center of Riau island’s Malay culture and trade traffic long before Batam Island development.

‘Gunung Bintan Besar’ can be reached about 40 minutes drive from Lagoi area, about 30 minutes from Tanjung Uban CIty and 40 minutes from Tanjung Pinang city.

The name ‘Tanjung Pinang’ was taken from the common sights of a beech tree on its coastal lines. The J-shaped bay in Tanjung Pinang city port – occupies a strategic location on the south of Bintan Island, guarding the mouth of the Bintan River which connects as the main vein of freshwater and sea towards the inner parts of the island.

Nowadays, thanks to the recent renovation of the Sri Bintan Pura ferry terminals. Tanjung Pinang city is also connected with domestic ferry line and fast boat connections to Telaga Punggur port in Batam (about 45 minutes away), the port in Tanjung Uban which is on the northern west tip of Bintan (about 30 minutes), and other islands such as Karimun and Kundur Islands and smaller neighbouring island. The international connection is also available to Singapore (about 130 minutes), while for Johor Bahru in Malaysian peninsula takes about 160 minutes.

Pulau Penyengat is a small island lies just off Bintan Island, close to Tanjung Pinang. In 18th Century, it was established as a fort of the Sultanate of JohorRiau. The island contains the tomb of Raja Ali Haji, a 19th-century Islamic historian and scholar.

The city has quite a number of tourist attractions such as Penyengat Island that can be reached with a wooden boat which is only about 2 miles from the Port of Sri Bintan Pura, Trikora Beach with its long coastal line of natural white sands located approximately 65 km from the city. The local night scene in Tanjung Pinang city can be seen in the food court and common parks that locally known as ‘Tepi Laut’ or in English means ‘Sea Side’ located in the downtown coastline. Most film screenings, art festivals and even weekly football can be enjoyed especially for the weekend.

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In Tanjung Pinang city, you can expect narrow roads decorated with colonial buildings such as churches on the hillsides, the grand mosque near the ports and old shophouses along the one-way street area. The steep road in the city is always busy and this feature is a common sight on the older parts of the city. Most people in Tanjung Pinang city use motorcycle and public transport such as minivans or locally called ‘angkot‘ that you can ride to tour around the city cheaply.

You can easily find ‘Otak-otak’ as a signature dish of Tanjung Pinang city. From street vendors to star hotels, you can find Otak-otak as a cheap and popular food with distinct taste. For some, otak-otak may be an acquired taste due to its origin as a mish-mash of seafood. Otak-otak is a made from minced mackerel meat and sometimes squid with shrimp paste wrapped in banana leaves, baked just like satay, and served with spicy sour sauce. Otak-otak snack is also popular in the Malay realms around the Malacca Strait and Karimata Strait, such as the Riau Islands, Singapore, and Malaysia, and also recognized in various cities in Sumatra and the coastal city in Java as well.

The wooden sampan boat is the main mode of transport that connect smaller islands with the main island.

Tanjung Pinang is also an attractive destination for the Indonesian tourists, thanks to its affordable hotels and eateries compared to resorts and hotels in Lagoi area, which is a popular destination in the northeastern tip of Bintan Island. Most budget tourists would rather take an hour drive to Tanjung Pinang city and enjoying the affordable accommodation there while spending the day tour enjoying the Lagoi area. By having this itinerary, tourists can enjoy the top-notch facility in Lagoi while also experiencing the typical Indonesian lifestyle in the southern part of Bintan.

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