As your preferred online Travel Marketplace, Tripcetera is committed to protect your information and ensure that such is only used for relevant purposes while enhancing your experience and enjoyment of our hosting platform and travel booking facilities.

Tripcetera is using a multi-layer security feature to protect your login access whenever you log in. In a technical sense, the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an improved security layer which is beneficial in addressing the vulnerabilities of a standard password-only method.

By ticking the ‘Enable Two Factor Authentication’, you can have better security and a manageable record of access frequency to your host account in

As you access through your smart devices, your Internet browser will probably prompt you to save user-name and password. This first layer of security can be easily manipulated, compromised or stolen as you store such information on your devices. To alleviate this matter, Tripcetera is equipped with an extra layer of security in terms of the One-Time-Password code. It allows our server to send the ‘secret digits’ or codes only to a specific user that are from currently or previously registered communication channel such as mobile-phone SMS and/or e-mail address. This authentication mode is also known as “something you recognize, something you know.”

To retrieve the ‘security code’ or ‘One-Time-Password’, check your registered email inbox and find the email from Tripcetera server. Make sure you have the access to the mail and complete the process in less than 10 minutes.

Why is this protection method very useful?

In our practical sense, the Host may experience loss of access to the smart devices that they previously have due to various reasons. By registering and ticking ‘Enable Two Factor Authentication’, the user will be prompted to check their email inbox and find the ‘security digits’ which must be copied to the OTP login box. If the login box accepts your OTP code, then it will proceed to the admin backend panel where you can access your account in a secure environment.

How this feature may help your daily operations?

  1. If you do have multiple personnel who works on managing your listing, the two-layer authentication mode will assure that only the active staff have the direct access to your account.
  2. By using readily available e-mail, you can easily track the number of access, frequency, or logging activity of your admin who is in charge of managing multiple account channels. 
  3. Two-factor authentication via e-mail is direct and have a lesser chance to fail delivery compared to SMS notification which is subject to your mobile phone operator signal and other things.

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