Good planning on your next holiday to any country around the globe takes 50% of the anxiety away. Browsing through travel packages, completing the paperwork, finding the right hotel to book, and build the itinerary to visit local attractions are also the fun part of the experience.

As of July 2018, Indonesian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 72 countries and territories, ranking the Indonesian passport 69th in terms of travel freedom (tied with passports from China) according to the Henley Passport Index (source: Revolvy –

Here are several factors that you may need to prepare as an Indonesian traveling abroad.

  1. Study the paperwork details

Indonesian travelers are seeming to be subjected to a certain scrutiny beyond the political condition back home and other domestic and international affairs as well. Whether you are having a marathon of holidays with multiple entry access to a certain region or simply wants a single visit, application of visas is always subject to change, along with its tax declaration or other paperwork requirements that you need to fill in.

In many cases, whether on-arrival or before arrival visa application, Immigration checkpoints also require you to present a minimum number of blank pages in the passport that you are holding. Not only passport validity of 6 months +, but in general at least two vacant pages is also required. Be advised that ‘Endorsement’ pages, which often appear after the visa pages, are not counted as being available.

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2.  Insurance, local currency, and vaccination
Travel insurance and proof of certain vaccination are among the basic requirements to enter a certain country. As an Indonesian passport holder, you may need to fill up form and provide the copy of supportive documents when asked.

The Immigration checkpoints have every right to disapprove your entry despite getting all your requirements ready. As an Indonesian passport holder, in certain countries, they are also required to show proof of money in local currency and a valid credit card that will convince the official that you are able and fit to support yourself amply during your intended stay.

3. Endorsements and waivers
Some countries apply visa waivers for Indonesian passport holders that are also in possession of a visa or residence permit from a certain country (mainly USA/Canada/UK/Schengen/Australia/New Zealand).

The Immigration checkpoints may also require you to present the proof of your booked accommodation or return transport ticket when asked. Be advised to present a printed copy of your Tripcetera hotel booking and Tripcetera ferry vouchers if necessary. Instead of using a soft copy, a printed copy is much convenient especially when the queue line is long and you are not allowed to use your smart-phone.

The availability of endorsement letters or invitation letters or local resident within the country that support the purpose of your visits may also influence the way the Immigration checkpoints to approve your entry. Despite having a before arrival Visa clearance, the Immigration checkpoints may also need to verify your invitation letter, notice of employment or whatever endorsement that you carry. They may require phone calls or a representative from your endorser to pick you up or other arrangements.  Although not necessarily asked, having an international driving license is also a helpful identification besides your passport.

4. Health and physical fitness
During peak seasons or holiday, it requires physical agility when queuing in Immigration checkpoints. In certain terminals, they are also equipped with thermal scan cameras that may detect anyone with abnormal body temperatures, which may indicate illness. Present your Indonesian passport and ask for immediate help if you cannot withstand the queue due to a health problem.  Be advised that any Immigration checkpoints may deny your entry due to their own reason.

5. Language and cultures
Depending on which country that you are going to enter, a fluency in the local language and customs will ease your way in and out of the checkpoints. Certain hand gestures which never means anything in Indonesia may be offensive in different parts of the world. The sensitivity to understand this issue should be studied long before your arrival. Equip yourself with enough knowledge as you will never know what you might encounter. Plus, it would create a good impression if the locals know that you are making effort in trying to understand their culture.

Those are just some of the things that we feel like we can share with you. We still encourage you to do more research and refer to similar articles such as this, during planning! Make sure that you read up more, and always refer to the relevant Embassies’ websites for the latest / updated requirements. It may be a bit stressful to think about the preparation, but make sure that you don’t forget to have fun during the process.

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