Tripcetera values the information that our partner hosts and customers share with us. We are committed to protect that information and ensure that such is only used for relevant purposes, the primary purpose of which is for enhancing your experience and enjoyment of our hosting platform and travel booking facilities. The detailed information regarding terms and condition in Tripcetera can be found here. By listing your services in Tripcetera, it is important that you know the policy towards what guests can expect when they book and what happens when they cancel. Take a look:
  • What is the cancellation policy for guests?
Over the years, the basics of Tripcetera’s cancellation policies themselves haven’t changed, so the policy you set will still show up for your guests:
  1. If the booking is canceled more than 14 days before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), only the Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is canceled more than 14 days before the expiration date, only the TPF plus 5% administration fee will be charged.
  2. If the booking is canceled 7 – 14 days before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), 25% of Host charges (AF) plus Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is canceled 7 – 14 days before the expiration date, 25% of the e-Voucher cost plus the TPF will be charged.
  3. If the booking is canceled 7 days to 1 day before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), 50% of Host charges (AF), Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is canceled less than 7 days before the expiration date, 50% of the e-Voucher cost plus the TPF will be charged.
  4. For no-shows on the check-in date, no refunds will be applicable.
  • What is the standard booking cancellation policy?
Through messaging and other means of communication with guests, the confusion about Tripcetera cancellation policies can be eliminated and, ultimately, to encourage more bookings—especially for more flexible listings. Guests and Hosts transacting services and listings using Tripcetera platform agree to the following standard booking cancellation policy:
  1. The Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF, and TPF) are not refundable.
  2. The relevant penalty is calculated based on the listing’s local check-in time (3:00 PM cut-off applies if not specified) on check-in date. For unredeemed e-Vouchers, the cancellation penalty is calculated based on the voucher expiration date.
  3. Tripcetera should be notified in writing within 24 hours from check-in time if there are any complaints arising from either party. If there is a complaint about the relevant property, vehicle, etc., Guest must allow Host 6 hours to respond and address any complaint.
  4. If either party cannot be contacted after booking confirmation, or upon check-in, please contact Tripcetera for customer service for assistance. If Guests leave without giving Host time to respond, or without communicating first to Tripcetera, the recourse available in this section is considered waived by the Guest.
  5. All Guest complaints must be supported by a clear description of incidents or misrepresentation of the listing. Relevant photographic evidence must also be provided.
  • What you should know about a guest cancellation policy?
  1. This cancellation and refund policy is not an offer to ensure any party and does not constitute an insurance contract. We encourage Guests to obtain relevant travel insurance in order to adequately cover risks. The benefits provided under this refund policy are not assignable or transferable.
  2. Tripcetera reserves the right to amend or discontinue this refund policy at its sole discretion, without prior notice. Any such amendment will be notified on this website, together with the corresponding effective date. Any outstanding claims will continue to be processed based on the applicable terms within the cutoff dates.
  3. This policy constitutes the entire agreement between Tripcetera and users of the platform with regards to matters regarding cancellations and refunds. This supersedes and any prior understandings or agreements between Tripcetera and users of this platform.
  4. Limitation of Liability. Tripcetera’s maximum liability arising from this cancellation and refund policy or arising from the use of this platform shall not exceed the fees (CF, AF, e-Voucher value, or hotel /airline voucher value) collected by Tripcetera from the Guest/Customer.
  5. By using this website, posting a listing or booking a service (hosted or otherwise) via this platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions described herein and that you agree to be bound by the provisions of this T&C.
  • Why & when host and guest need this?
Through various feedback and research, we have seen that guests often overlook the cancellation policy terms of every listing that they book for. Hosts should also mention directly or indirectly in the listings description and thru other communication with the guest. Hosts should also be responsible for communicating the cancellation policy. Hence, the added education is meant to help direct the guest and host expectations in the rare turn of events. Our team at Tripcetera is here to support your hosting success. Log in now and start listing your travel related services today. Feel free to contact us and drop your inquiries to: [email protected]
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