Thailand is a colorful country where you can get to experience the rich cultural heritage by day and enjoy one of the best night-life in South East Asia. If you do consider Thailand on your next vacation trip, you have come to the right article!

Here are 8 things that you need to know before visiting Thailand.

1. Access the Asian continent from Thailand!

For the mainstream travelers, staying in accommodation near a tourist attraction in Chiang Mai city perhaps is the preferred choice. But for some, traveling in one or two cities in Thailand with a tour package is not enough. Thailand has become a must-visit destination for road trips, transits, yacht services, and touring activities. Cities in Thailand are well connected and noted as one of the most extensive public transportation route suited for the cross country adventurer or backpacker to discover the mainland of Asia.

You can literally organise a road trip or a yacht trip from Singapore all the way to Thailand or start at any major city in Thailand all the way to People’s Republic of China. Along the route you can get to see the tranquil cascade of comunities, how the people in Thailand live their daily life as well as staying at wide selection of accommodation. Be advised that in monsoon season, the connecting road may be inaccessible due to floods and mud debris.

Siamcourt villa is a beautiful private villa set in its own courtyard it boast 7 individual suites all opening on to the pool. Each suite has an en-suite, TV, WiFi, fridge, Aircon and fans and is tastefully furnished. There are 2 twin rooms and 5 double rooms, 3 double rooms have seperate lounge and sofa bed. The price includes breakfast and a daily maid service. 90 minutes from Bangkok airport and close to beautiful beaches, islands, water parks, major attractions, shops, restaurants, etc. It sleeps up to 20 people. 

Thailand is ideal and relatively safe for solo traveler as well as free independent traveler who are looking to discover the urban culture of Bangkok with their own impulsive itinerary. As you stroll around looking for instagrammable spots in Bangkok, you may pass by a temple near industrial complex, a narrow alley road winding thru a high rise office building, bustling traffic, cultural landmarks, as well as entertainment district that are intermingled to one another.

Sunny Residence is a 3-star property situated about 13.1 km from Mega Bangna, Stamford International University and Sukhumvit Soi Nana Night Market. Room service, laundry and concierge service as well as a lift, a car park and a safety deposit box are on hand.

Traveling to Thailand in groups might require particular amenities to satisfy everyone such as; connecting rooms, smoker friendly balcony with safety railings, room stay at the same floor or other convenience. You can also browse and find accommodation in Bangkok with ample and secure parking space for your vehicles as well.

To organize such requests, you might want to check our wide selection of accommodation that will suit your preference and budget. Depends on the season, your bed in Bangkok starts from S$14++ in Tripcetera.

A tourist who holds the passport from any countries belong to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), may enjoy the privileges of ASEAN checkpoint queue. In some immigration checkpoints in Thailand, they also provide a special line for Vietnamese, Malaysian and Burmese as well.

2. Introducing the culture of ‘Indochina’, general demographics and more

If you are a free independent traveler who has the luxury of time and budget to discover countries in South East Asia, then Thailand should be a good start for you. People of Thailand have varying culture and beliefs that was shared with their neighboring countries, also noted as part of the Indochina Peninsula or Mainland Southeast Asia.

If you are a traveler from a fellow ASEAN countries, the locals may not know that you are a tourist based on your familiar looks, so it is common that although you begin to talk with the locals in English, they will answer you back in Thai.

The modern day culture and the faith of people in Thailand are uniquely colorful. Theravada Buddhism, is majorly practiced in Thailand, while you can also find Southern provinces of Thailand that are comprised of Malay-ethnic of Muslim communities. To make your holiday feeds on social media even better, you can observe to book hotels in Thailand during the cultural festivals and holidays.

Feel free to browse for hotels, resort, villas, home-stays that offer places of interest within a walking distance via Tripcetera. Tripcetera is powered with a navigation map that allows you to check the nearby places of interest.

You should also expect that the climate in Thailand is affected by its tropical and sub-tropical line. During the hottest time of the year (March to May), temperatures usually reach up to 40 °C (104 °F), while monsoon and dry season and the strike of heat with sudden rain may be draining as you navigate around. The rainy or southwest monsoon season (mid–May to mid–October) over most of the cities in Thailand. Hence, different cities may experience a slightly different climate. To manage your expectation, you can also plan your trip to Thailand based on this climate season.

3. Welcome to the land of the pickup truck, tuk-tuk, scooter and more

Most people in Thailand rely on this trinity of pickup truck taxi (locally called as songthaew), tuk-tuk and scooters. You can easily find them anywhere. Be vigilant while walking on the road or checking the merchandise that are on sale on the roadside as these vehicles navigate at their own will and might startle you with loud horns in the air.

Public transport can be accessed and hailed almost on any corner of the street. As you arrive in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, you have many land transfer options to consider such as taking a railway link, an inter-city or cross-country bus and taxi queue with a fixed meter or with a destination-based fare which is negotiable. In this airport, app-based and on-line car-hailing services are not available to pick you up. However, some accommodations and hotels in Bangkok do offer pick-up and land transfer. Do confirm your date of arrival if you are looking for such services.

If you do opt for tuktuk or commute the city behind the songthaew pick-up truck, you need to bargain with the driver and your ability to greet with basic Thai get you further. To experience Thai’s colourful tranquility without the noise of the traffic but also accessible to public transport, you can find your bed in Thailand with You can book hotels in a good location which are nestled among upscale shops in Bangkok and Koh Samui’s best dining scene or opt for family-friendly exclusive villas with living area pavilion, dining area, and kitchen in Phuket.

4. Chilis and shallots are the national spices of Thai

Chilis and shallots are loved by everyone in Thailand. You can immediately smell the shallots being fried as you walk thru the food stalls. The city of Bangkok is often mentioned on tv program as well as social media broadcast as one of the best place for street food in Thailand. Popular street food menu includes pad thai (stir fried rice noodle), som tam (green papaya salad), sour tom yum soup and many more iteration of South East Asian dishes. This holy combination of chilis and shallots can be found on almost any of those dishes. Be cautious that although the food may not be seen or presented in reddish or orange-ish in color, it may have an awesome kick of spice.

A tourist from fellow ASEAN countries may taste seemingly familiar dishes with different iteration in Thailand. For some, Thai cuisine may be an acquired taste, but worry not! Most menu and prices are listed in Baht – also in English or accompanying Roman alphabets. For those of you who are looking for vegetarian dishes or halal menu, feel free to also check which hotels, resort, villas or home stay in Thailand that offer such services in

5. Wide selection of night life attraction

Cities in Thailand offer one of the widest selection of pubs, bars, and nightlife scene. Thailand is also noted for its ‘walking street’ area. You can get to enjoy live music entertainment, an amazing array of alcoholic drinks to Durian shots and fermented fruits dessert even in a bar on the corner of Pattaya City. You have to admit that such services and selection of beverages and snacks that they offer is relatively affordable compared to the similar places of interest in other cities on South East Asia destination.

We advise you NOT to buy beverages offered in plastic buckets on seemingly dodgy alley road, because you will never know whether the beverage offered is legit or contain a different type of concoction altogether. You can avoid yourself being intoxicated from consuming those familiar branded beverages that were sold on the streets. At such places, simply opt for a sealed mineral water bottle instead.

If you do want to spend the night relaxing with a soft jazzy band while seeing the city’s skyline, and discover variety of attraction without the hassle of navigating around the bustling road, you can book hotels that offer such venues in Tripcetera. At Tripcetera you can definitely find one of the best experience in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket or any place of interest that may suit you.

6. Securing your money and other measures

You can actually flash your credit card around many cafes, hotels, bars and many places of attraction in Thailand. Relying on credit card payment allows you to avoid over exchanging of cash and having an organized record of expenses during your holidays in Thailand. However, the merchant fee and hidden charges may vary and are not visible, especially after a long night strolling around the city such as Bangkok.

If security in booking with credit card concerns you, then we got you covered! Book your stay near to any cities in Thailand with

You can use your credit card or PayPal account to immediately book any bed in Thailand at ease as Tripcetera is equipped with an extra layer of security with One-Time-Password codes. It allows our server to send the ‘secret digits’ or codes only to a specific user that are from currently or a previously registered communication channel such as mobile-phone SMS and/or e-mail address. This authentication mode is also known as “something you recognize, something you know.”

After payment is confirmed, you will receive a Hotel voucher and receipt in your email. By having printed copies of this voucher and receipt, you can easily show them as supporting documents whenever required.

Tripcetera also allows you to book hotels or vouchers for someone else. You can ask a favor from anyone back home to book accommodations for you anywhere in Thailand with They just need to send the Tripcetera voucher and receipt to your email. You can refer to the ‘Hotel booking Number’ as listed on the hotel voucher and receipt for check-in reference. This method is also practical when you run out of funds during your vacation in Thailand.

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The US dollar price range is widely shown by many tourism and leisure related businesses in Thailand. Just like anywhere else in South East Asia, most commodities at street markets, Tuk-tuk fares, motorcycle taxis and some shop however, did not have a price tag or exchange for the smaller value of notes.

Most money changers in Thailand and convenience stores do offer cash out services from your credit card to Thai Baht ฿. Hence, you should also check your credit card limit, the condition of its magnetic strip and expiration date. We advise you to prepare a special compartment in your wallet for Thai Baht currency. Take your time to get familiar with the locally accepted currency.

7. Physical fitness while you are having the time of your life in Thailand

If you are a tourist from countries of colder climate, be advised to hydrate often while also carry along your hat, shades and your own sunblock. Taking a bath at least twice a day is advisable. You should also prepare enough casual shirts and brightly coloured outfits when travelling under the sun.

Thailand is also known for its affordable and reliable medical services. If you think you are not in fit condition, do not hesitate to have yourself checked.

You can maintain your physical fitness if you do plan your trip to Thailand with on and off days. Let say you are looking at 4 days 3-nights stay to experience Bangkok, you should opt for ‘hotel hopping’ itinerary. Be flexible, especially if you travel with a group during the peak-season. Additional or extra days are also necessary to accommodate delays, or other issues.

As you set your foot in Koh Samui after a long transport, you might want to stretch and lounge by the hotels’ facilities on the first day. On the next day, you can visit the place of interest in different parts of the city while also checked-in on nearby hotels.

8. Keep your smartphone with you all the time

As you go in and out with your friends looking for the desired nightlife scene in Bangkok or any city in Thailand, you should better keep a photo of your passport and your hotel receipt on your phone’s gallery as well. Be advised to travel light and bring your power-bank along like the locals. Most nightclubs and bars check your identity and smartphone’s gallery to anticipate the occasional raids or checks by the local authorities that may happen anytime.

To keep the juice of your smartphone full, you should also bring your own electrical socket adapter. Thailand operates on a standard voltage of 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You should prepare compatible adapter for ‘Type O’ socket. If the electric socket in your country is using Europlugs of two rounded pins with a standard voltage between 220 – 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa), then you can also use them in Thailand. By keeping your electrical logistics sorted and having a local internet connectivity with power bank devices, you can immediately purchase travel packages and find interesting activities in the format of evouchers in Tripcetera.

Thai TIS 166-2549 standard three-pin main plug. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

To make your holiday feeds on social media even better, you can observe to book hotels in Thailand at least six weeks in advance during the cultural and religious festivals time-line. Depends on experience that you are looking to engage, you can narrow down the cities that you wanted to explore on your itinerary. Be advised that certain Etcetera vouchers is subject to availability, so you definitely need to confirm your visit thru the provided contacts.

Plan your holiday with and visit your dream destination in Thailand within a few clicks away. Sign up as a member today and start building your very own itinerary right away!

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