Tripcetera is an online Travel Marketplace which allows any spa and wellness businesses to list their services in one account. Our convenient booking platform empowers Travelers by connecting them to individual Hosts and corporate partners who offer varied, unique, and quality accommodations, transport, and other travel related services.

By Signing up as a Host and listing travel related services, Spa and Wellness Hosts may get inquiries 24-7.

Some FAQs that can help you out:

Q: I have just signed up. What is my next step?

A: You will receive an email from Tripcetera with a confirmation link to guide you on these steps:

  1. Login to your host account and complete the Official Document Form online at 
    * Emails and mobile numbers that you registered for Tripcetera must be the same.
    Start making your listing while waiting for your official document to be verified. It takes about one or two working days for our admin to approve you or contact you for further confirmation.

Q: What is the document needed to be uploaded for document verification?

A: Minimum of 2 officially recognized identity documents that can be matched and verified such as National Identity Card/Identification card, valid Driving License, Company license (if available), Tax card, Passport or others.

Q: How to check my host account activation status after completed all 2 steps above?

A: Your Tripcetera Host account will be activated within 24 hours upon upload and approval/verification.

Q: Can I use a bank account created under my passport ID or other types of ID?

A: We will accept your Paypal account. We also accept a bank account, provided it matches the identity with your National Identification Card or any official ID that you used.

Q: What is the difference between Tripcetera Spa & Wellness Services with other Online Coupon Selling services?
A: In Tripcetera, policy details and value-added services can be determined by the Hosts themselves. Your Spa and wellness services are categorized at Etcetera section. In Tripcetera, we did not impose a yearly contract for the direct Host. This is to allow flexibility as you can now maintain your own packages and margin on any holiday season. Your services will be packaged as an electronic voucher which you may adjust the expiration dates. You can also combine them with other value-added services, hence differs from other online Coupon Selling services.

Q: Does Tripcetera require a certain Spa and Wellness business license, certificate of business franchise, business award or other non-official documents that are recognized as the standard on the industry?

A: No it is not mandatory. However, it will be good if you can attach such valid documents like endorsement/official authorization letter on each listing gallery as supporting references to attract traveler (Not handwritten and actual photos).

Q: What should I do if the Spa package that I displayed on my listing is not available, the franchise license is on hold or no longer offered?

A: Please log in to your account and manage the related listing. You may delete the listing or unpublish them. You can also amend the listing as necessary to keep it reliable and actual.

Q: Is there any expiration date for being a Host in

A: No. Your account is yours to manage. So long as your documents are valid, your published listing will stay active 24-7. Your active engagement in making an attractive listing will solely depend on you. However, should you have any question or technical difficulties regarding your account, your friends at Tripcetera will do the troubleshooting process.

Q: What will happen when my business permit or license and the official document expired?

A: Tripcetera will unpublish your listing temporarily. You can still access your account though, to update your document and continue to upload listings.

Q: What happens if I got locked out of my Host account?

A: Feel free to contact us. Your Host account will be activated within 48 hours.

Q: I have uploaded my official documents, business License or updated my documents. However, my listing has not been reactivated and still unpublished after 48 hours?

A: Please contact our Help Centre or chat with us directly. Reasons could be:

  • The image file type is not correct. We accept popular image files such as;.Jpeg, .Png, .gif and etcetera. Encrypted image files such as .Dat or .Wmf or .Psd and .Pdf are not usable on the image section.
  • Your image photos may be a corrupted file.
  • The stability of your Internet connectivity.
  • Uploaded an expired document.
  • Uploaded after document expired.

Q: How do I change my registered details like phone number, email, and etcetera?

A: Please email us or talk to us via live chat at

Q: How much should I charge on each listing?

A: You have the freedom to manage rates and fare of your services. Be sure to put them on the description and listing information. You can also set up discounted rates on certain periods. It’s your own decision to make.

Q: What should I do if I receive a notification of booking from Tripcetera?

A: Host handles the booking confirmations and check-in from Guests. Login to your Host account, manage your listing and confirm your booking. Alternatively, you may set each listing availability by checking the booking mode of either ‘Instant Booking’ or ‘Confirm Booking’.

Q: Where can I have detailed resources regarding the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

A: For the detailed terms and conditions in Tripcetera, you may refer to and for Tripcetera privacy policy can be read here:

Q: What are the benefits of joining Tripctera’s Hosting Community?

A: Tripcetera is a travel marketplace platform where Hosts become a part of our sharing community. Hosts have the privilege to enjoy free advertisement and promotion on our marketing campaign. By joining as a Host in Tripcetera, you may publish rented Rooms, Apartments, Villas, Car Rentals and etcetera.

Our team at Tripcetera is here to support your hosting success. Log in now and start listing your travel related services today.

Feel free to contact us and drop your inquiries to:
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