A lot of travelers may argue on the different reasons of how they decide a worthy destination to travel. Other than budget consideration, to help you out in weighing your next holiday destination, here are several list of questionnaire that may help you to decide:

1. What is the purpose of your trip and what kind of environment that you want to look for?
Some traveller may inspired to go because they refer to a friend’s Instagram posts that are looked happily smiling on a scenic beach, although knowing that just 15 minutes later the sunny weather turned to a damp rainy day. The social media bias and the quest for a perfect holiday photo is actually not the main issue with a travelling experience, it is a problem with managing your expectations from travel.

Relax and enjoy the romantic tranquillity of Venice complete with a gondola ride. The perfect way to appreciate the beauty, charm and colour of this unique city built on water; you will be enthralled and entranced by your surroundings.

Travelling should not be intended as an excuse to escape daily routine, but also to go out from your daily comfort. As you experiencing a unique environment, you have to adjust and compromise on a lot of things. From the way you book your accommodation to the language that you use to order your lunch, a sense of accomplishment is a reward that you should expect on deciding what kind of place that will suit your preference.

Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha is a Buddhist temples in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands, Indonesia. This monastery is referred to as one of the largest monastery in Southeast Asia. This monastery serve as a place to deepen religion, study and study monks, sangha, and teachers both from local and various countries such as China, Singapore and Malaysia.

You can ask yourself what is the purpose of your vacation. Healthy trekking and hiking or water sport adventure?, Beach or mountain resort?. In Tripcetera, you can book a yacht cruise package in Bali, if you consider the breeze of salty air and tropical waves soothe you. You can also book a stay Batam’s downtown, see the bustling nightlife and expect to dine on a streetfood vendor and many more.

Seeing the local workshop on your trip is one itenerary provided by our host partner in Bali.

2. Who you want to go with?
Travelling alone versus travelling with your family, with your couple, or group of friends will surely impose its own set of challenges. Travelling in a group will surely require logistics and careful planning on setting up itinerary or attraction that can be enjoyed by everyone as a group as well as an individual.

Having a thematic itinerary perhaps will help you out to manage you and your companion’s expectation. By opting for a thematic trip, you can weigh difficult decisions on choosing the route that you should take, set the budget, learn about the terms and condition of each route, and other priorities.

In Tripcetera, every attraction vouchers have their own set of terms and condition that differ one another. A diving packages for instance will require you to have a trial dive or certain certification that you and your couple should provide on site. A trip to Nepal will require you to build a physical fitness and may restrict visitor based on their age to access a certain trekking route. Such package may not be relevant with everyone, hence careful planning is necessary.

At the most competitive rate you can book this vibrant trekking package with Tripcetera. We are confident that once you trek this trail you will never forget the grandeurs of Mother Nature available in Nepal.

3. Where you should book your next trip?
Any channel of hotel booking and flight booking platform will require you to complete your payment in advance. In Tripcetera, a hotel booking is organised thru multi-layered security protocools. You can choose the many alternatives and travel packages with terms organised by the host partner directly.

You can book your bed near to your itinerary and also get the most affordable flight ticket in Tripcetera.com.

You can also find flight fares and get comparable rates from many online travel agent with Tripcetera. Traveller can find which resort provide complementary land transfer or which travel package that offer extra coconut juice or which home-stay that will suit your budget. Many attractive activities are also available for group traveller who in need to organise Bus transport or ferry ticket within a single platform.

Enjoy your tour in Batam with our transport! Book our Big Bus to bring you around Batam. Price including of Driver for 8 hours / petrol. Drop up / Drop off in Batam area only. Let us know if you wish to have an English speaking driver, we will try our best to arrange however it will be subject to availability. ##CAPACITY## – Max 33 Person – Large Luggage

4. Why you should go to a particular destination?
Culture shock is something that should be expected by any traveller. Anywhere around the globe, regardless of social and political issue that they may have, you need to be able to inform yourself and expect possible scenario that you will face on the checkpoint.

Book a trip to learn more about the Orang utan perhaps a good idea. There are three species of Orang utan in the world. The first one can be found in Borneo island of Malaysia and Indonesia, second one is Sumatran orangutan (P. abelii) and the third one is Tapanuli orangutan (P. tapanuliensis).

Keep in mind that your dream destination may have a cultural difference with your home country, as a tourist, you need to also ensure your safe being by purchasing a travelling insurance or applying the right kind of Visa as well.

5. When is the right time to travel?

Getting to know the demographics or learning about the date of the festive season on particular destination will actually influence the way you manage your expectation as well. You can adjust your own expectation as well as motivating your companion to stay confident with the holiday itinerary that you have build.

Let say you are thinking of buying a tour package to certain destination overseas. Planning a holiday to Bali Indonesia during the ‘Nyepi’ holidays or going to a business trip to Jakarta on ‘Ramadhan’ fasting season perhaps not a good idea for you. Although most hotels will offer discounted rates or other program, it might not be a suitable date for you. Feel free to find which hotels that will cater your desired trip only on Tripcetera.com. PS: You can also refer a public holidays calendar on the destination country,

6. How to communicate with the locals and navigate the area?

If you are a free independent traveller who are looking to travel by your own without the local guide, you might need to learn the basic language and everyday culture of people on your destination. In Yogyakarta’s southern shoreline for example, traveller is not allowed to wear any form of green coloured outfits due to the local customs. However, this customs is not written widely on a signage anywhere and the locals only warn the traveller verbally.

Get the most of your destination with our top concierge service for world travelers delivered by local people. Enjoy your vacation while traveling carefree with the help and expertise of local assistants who are delighted to support and enrich the travel experience locally.

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