There are various reasons why you start hosting on Tripcetera—some to add income, others on a whimsical reason. But many hosts tell us that what interests them to join as a host and to provide a hospitable experience in is the opportunity to encounter new guests, expand their digital marketing effort and experience the joy in the hospitality industry.

Tripcetera offers a convenient booking platform to promote and sell your services, while the actual services are performed by hosts themselves. Here are several hosting tips to generate inquiries and improve your sales in

1. Update your host account details & be honest with your listing’s description.

Your listing visibility on relies on the detailed description and amenities that you mention proudly. Simply put yourself as a potential guest. When travelers search for a place to stay or experience that they expect, they rely on the photo quality and informative descriptions that you provide. Every bit of information may be helpful in encouraging them to book your room or buy your services.

Contribute related promotion materials thru You can imply detailed description about your company and on-going promo that are linked with your live listings. Detailed information regarding your product and services may help customer to decide and book your services as well.

Update the details on your listings regularly, and be honest with the plus and minus of your listings. Here is a simple description that you may use: “My rented apartment is within walking distance towards the bus station and Batam City Hall. If you want a quiet area and street food vendors available even late at night, my house may not meet your requirement”.

Completing the necessary documents as soon as possible will speed up your registration process to join as a Host. Make sure that you have the photo of actual document no less than 1 year of validity.

2. Score the first impressions.

Keep in mind that you may host guests of various cultural background. Hence, communication is important.  Immediate pickup and friendly greetings at the gate of ports are something that your guests may expect when they booked for your car service via Cleanliness and visible availability of mineral water on your vehicle may convince them that you put a value added gesture on your services.

Choose a distinctive photos and representative picture on your listing. Attractive listing may improve the clicking rates of visitor to check out your services and detailed terms and condition that on offer.

Be advised that your check-in routine were practiced as smoothly every-time. Either ‘Pay at Tripcetera’ or ‘Pay at Host’, your check-in routine should also comply with the payment arrangement. The overall outlook on the way you or your reception staff dress to the way you check the validity and redeem the e-voucher shown by the guests, will eventually left a good impression to the guests.

3. Communicate early and attentively

Managing your guests expectation may be a trivial matter. In Tripcetera, the availability of listings may subject to manual confirmation by the hosts. Hosts may reject the guests, but this instance may result in penalties and affecting your listings reputation. For guests, there’s nothing worse than waiting for confirmation or constantly refresh their mail box. Simply treat your guests just as you’d wish to be treated by giving them early confirmation to booking requests. It will not be a good experience if your response rate is too low, you may even lose the positive inquiries and damage your own brand. Furthermore, if you do offer additional services that are available off-line or not mentioned on the listings or other fees or other circumstances that happen on the check-in date, you should better communicate them early on.

4. Making a memorable experience

Hosting your services on Tripcetera is a chance to share the unique experience that can be purchased just by anyone. You can suggest your guests to a happening events near your neighborhood, or you can also recommend the guests about your favorite menu on certain cafe, and specialty shops. Attentive extras like these may actually help your guests experience all the good things that your listings has to offer.

In certain turn of events, guests may also face difficulties that require your immediate help or other case that that may disrupt the traveling experience such as flat tire during your city tour program. Feel free to offer them an immediate solutions off the Tripcetera platform responsibly. Keep in mind that such solutions must comply with Tripcetera terms & conditions.

Informing the guest about your favorite resto or pastries nearby your accommodation will be a nice gesture.

5. Stay creative and passionate

Creativity in crafting a quality listings in Tripcetera will influence the first time impressions and generate inquiries. A plain destination for the locals may be seemed differently if you can manage the itinerary description and provide an A+ services. Tripcetera offer the equal opportunity for seasoned tour operators as well as start-ups to encounter new guests, celebrate their hometown and experience the joy in hospitality industry.

Multi days package and smaller iteration on the itinerary and main picture may help you to differentiate yourself with similar offer that is now live on Tripcetera.

By joining as a host in Tripcetera, you are welcome to channel your passion towards traveling and tourism by creating multiple type of listings from a single account. Every listings that you wish to publish will subject to our editorial review. We ensure that your listing have the presentable quality. In fact, your creativity in creating a fresh listing in Tripcetera is a simple step to start and promote your own business with the least cost possible.

6. Purchase the Tripcetera listings provided by other hosts

Tripcetera itself is an integrated platform that allows anyone to hosts. Range from star hotels to home-stay, it will be a good exercise if you also purchase the services from fellow hosts in Tripcetera listings. Thanks to its secure payment interface, anyone from travel and tourism related business are empowered with seamless integration on the booking payment and pay-out channel. Your account in Tripcetera will work both way as a hosts and as a guest as well. You may book hotels at your dream destination within a few clicks away, while at the same time also rent your idle cars or your house or event advertise F&B dining voucher, tour & travel packages and many more.

Buying a tour packages for yourself may help you to get an insight about what other host are offering and their quality of services as well.

Highly demanded listing is a final result derived from the idea that you serve a pleasant experience beyond expectation. By experiencing services offered by a reputable hosts in Tripcetera, you may have the general idea on how  to practice the excellent services every-time. Eventually, your guest may become a repeat customers. Hence, there is a truth towards a classic quotes that says; “Customers is King”. A repeat customers may become your generic influencer, and they will surely happy to keep your business profitable.

7. Build a ‘Hot Deals’ package on Etcetera voucher to alleviate your weekdays capacity

Attractive prices and limited offer during the weekdays may encourage price conscious traveler to try and book your listings. You can set the number of pax, lower or adds accessible facilities or combine it with other services as well. Seasonal traveler may not find weekdays package attractive, however, Free Independent Traveler may enjoy the quietness offered by your resorts, the freedom to pick which cars to rent and many more.

Hot Deals package is applicable for accommodation voucher, transportation voucher and etcetera. Login now and start listing your travel related services today. Happy hosting! 🙂

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