Why not start your travel adventures by visiting the many Instagrammable points of interests in the ASEAN region? ASEAN which stands for Association of South East Asian Nation is an emerging regional member country with a colorful influence of India-China, colonial era, and indigenous culture. A traveler who holds a passport from members of ASEAN countries has the visa leniency when visiting a fellow ASEAN region.

Here are several things that you should know about having an ASEAN member passport traveling to ASEAN countries:

  1. ASEAN lane on Immigration 
    Did you know that your ASEAN passport will allow you to go on the epic adventure you deserve? When traveling to ASEAN countries, a traveler with ASEAN passport has the convenience of using the ASEAN lane. Travelers can utilize such lane in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Jakarta-Indonesia and Vietnam.
  2. Visa exemption policy
    Thanks to the common interest and long history shared among countries within the South East Asia neighborhood, visa exemption agreement is surely a boost on the growth of travel and tourism-related business within the region.  Be advised that depending on the country of the issuer, a traveler from countries with ASEAN passports can utilize 14 to 30 days of Visa exemption policy in destinations across the ASEAN region.
  3. Common taste palate
    Notably, as the land of spices, ASEAN countries have an awesomely diverse culinary scene. The delicate cultural blend and culinary influences in ASEAN countries allow you to test your palate and taste a unique iteration of seemingly familiar dishes. From street food vendors to star-rated restaurants, you can always find Halal, vegetarian or seafood dishes in ASEAN countries as well. Feel free to buy your Food & Beverage voucher in advance on this page.

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  4. Most money changer accepts ASEAN countries’ currency
    Cash is king in ASEAN countries.  In case you need to exchange currency, you can easily do so in any local money changer. If you are planning your next trip with Tripcetera, you can book your accommodation (hotels, homes or resorts) via credit card payment or through PayPal, which is very convenient. You don’t need to cash out more on exchange rates. Simply bring your booking voucher along on your next check-in.
  5. Discover tourist privileges and enjoy Hot Deals!
    Most ASEAN countries also offer value-added tax exemption on certain terms and conditions that foreign tourists can enjoy. You can have a guilt-free shopping with cash back that you can redeem at the customs office of each point of departure. As a traveler with ASEAN passport, you are also eligible for certain tourism programs such as Hot Deals that you can find on this page.

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